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JioPhone’s latest update brings Google Maps support to the device

The feature will also be available in the upcoming JioPhone 2

Utathya Nag utathya10 12 July 2018, 12:45 PM
Google Maps for the JioPhone is a lite variant of the iOS and Android version

Google Maps for the JioPhone is a lite variant of the iOS and Android version Image: Jio

The JioPhone is getting support for Google Maps with the new version 2018.628.2 update, enabling users to navigate and search for a location using the app. The JioPhone 2, which was announced at Reliance Industries' 41st annual general meeting (AGM) on July 5, is also expected to ship with the feature pre-installed when it goes up for sale next month.

To get the update, users will need to navigate to Settings > Device > Software update and install the file. Do note, you need at least 30 per cent battery to start the installation process. Once the update is complete, users can open the Jio Store app on the phone and the Google Maps app will be available for download.

Reliance had also previously announced that both the original JioPhone and the upcoming JioPhone 2 will get WhatsApp and YouTube support soon. Notably, both the Jio devices feature the KaiOS operating system and the features are expected to slowly make their way to other feature phones running KaiOS, such as the Nokia 8110 4G. Google has reportedly invested $22 million in KaiOS in a bid to bring the Google app suite to feature phones. 

Coming to the app, it is a lite variant of the full Google Maps app for iOS and Android, optimised for smaller screens. The app supports all basic features such as search, map overlay, transportation or traffic lookup, navigation, etc.

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