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There are plenty of fish in the sea with a lot of trash, but did you get lucky?

'Ships are hard these days, right? T2 Online spoke to a bunch of people to see if they got lucky in love or not

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 18 July 2018, 4:05 PM
What did you bait and what did you fish?

What did you bait and what did you fish? Image: Thinkstock

It's a crazzzzyyyyyyyyy world out there. And the world of dating is crazier. People have relationships that last anything between a few hours to a few decades. #TrueStory

While one relationship ends, someone you know will definitely hand you down the whoever-coined-it saying, "Chill, there are plenty of fish in the sea. You'll surely find someone."

Yeah, right! But you know what else is there in the sea? A lot of trash. Why doesn't anyone take that into account? While Phoebe coined the lobster theory, people still cite the fish-in-the-sea proverbial consolation when any romance goes awry.


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So we asked people if they found their lobsters or fish, or they just found some trash. And here's what they have to say:

I have kissed many frogs and have received nothing but disappointment. As just another romantic, I never gave up and one day, five years ago, I got lucky. I met a man who loves me and respects me. It’s been years and our love keeps getting stronger each day.

- Vidhi Srivastava, BA student

The fact that I have found the kind of person my partner is makes me feel how extremely lucky I have been till date. And after being with him all these years, I can't even imagine another man who'd be more suitable for me. I feel that in long-term relationships, luck has the biggest role to play while choosing your partner. If you start dating a person who is not dedicated enough or compatible with you, then that is just plain bad luck.

Maintaining a relationship for a long term (and possibly a lifetime) requires love, hard work, respect, trust and the dedication to make it work even when at times when it feels like it won't work out.

- Oindrila Kundu, food blogger

I think I did get lucky. Not because I have never had my heart broken, but because I think I've finally found my "Mr Right" after endless encounters with several men-child who didn't know how to handle themselves, let alone a relationship. Of course, 'right' is relative but it'll be an understatement if I said that there are no unwanted pri*ks out there, ready to jump your boat and expose you to a fate as dreary as that of the Titanic.

It is liberating to be in a relationship that lets me be and love is suddenly not an effort anymore. But yes, once you've sifted through the trash, it is a land of opportunities. In the end, it's worth the dive! 

- Sushri Sangeeta Sahu, writer

As women, we have a tendency of flocking towards the bad boys, the ones who give us no attention and are basically douchebags. I did that too, dated a lot of trash along the way and had very bad experiences with men until I found my man. He showed me what it is like to be with a nice, caring and loving person. We've been together for more than three years now and seems to adore me with each passing day. He makes it a point to make me feel special and secure in every way, and that's what a healthy relationship looks like. Personally, the way he is, making me laugh, looking out for me, putting me before himself, makes me sure that he's the one.

- Anandita Malhotra, writer

Umm, ladies, we need to stop doing that. Seriously

Umm, ladies, we need to stop doing that. Seriously GIF: Giphy

No, I don't think I have been lucky yet. I don't think I have found the right person. Also, I believe we are living in a Tinder generation where emotions have taken a backseat. When you can meet new people with just a swipe, you are not left with the patience or bandwidth to invest time and emotions in someone. So yeah, I'm old school that way, and I would take things ahead only after a lot of meetings and figuring out whether we are compatible enough. And like the story goes, there's mostly trash in the sea along with a lot of dead fish.

- Nayandeep Rakshit, journalist

Well, you got to go fishing with an open mind. Dive deep and you might just find a pearl. You got to know what you want. If you have a taste for caviar, well, there's a price to pay. Like attracts like, you know.

- Sriraj Ray, entrepreneur

I think the sea is swarming with fish but the equation of love is just too complex right now. There is too much availability, lack of commitment and the idea of true love is just a fairytale. It seems easy, but it's really difficult if you are looking for something real. Also, I think it's a series of trial and errors. If you are lucky, you might find a connection, If not, better luck next time.

- Salesh Soman, content and creative head

I don't think anyone gets "lucky" with relationships, they make calculated decisions about who they choose; they have to. Of course, when it doesn't work out, the easiest escape or coping mechanism is to say it was a big mistake. In my opinion, the concept of fish vs trash and getting lucky applies to those who are actually just fishing like someone sitting on the boat on the surface of the water. Because then what gets caught in your fishing hook is luck. I mean, it's the people who are not really looking for something meaningful. And if you think about it, they should not be complaining in the first place. If it's just fun you want, then fun is what you'll get... if you don't attach feelings to it.

- Jai Saxena, writer

What the hook!

What the hook! GIF: Giphy

Well, well, well. What about you? Did you get fish or trash? Let us know in the comments section below.

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