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Begum Jaan #FearlessButInconsistent

Another brilliant performance by Vidya Balan. The film will be a high point in her career, irrespective of its box-office fate

Abhay tears into fairness cream ads, slams SRK, Dippy and more

In a series of Facebook posts, Abhay slammed fairness cream ads featuring celebrities such as Deepika, Shah Rukh, John and more

When the original Begum Jaan Rituparna met the new Begum Jaan Vidya

Director Srijit Mukerji, who's the maker of the original, too, and producer Mahesh Bhatt brought the cast and crew of the two films together

My husband believes I've a violent streak: Vidya

Balan admits that through Begum Jaan, she has vented the anger she keeps suppressed in her heart

How to flaunt nose pins like Vidya

The actor is totes bringing nose pins back in fashion. So, we get jewellery designers Radhika Jain and Shillpa Purii to tell us how to rock them...

Watch: Twinkle Khanna, Vidya Balan and others at Aishwarya's father's funeral

B-town gathered to pray for the late Krishnaraj Rai, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's father, who passed away last Saturday. Besides the Bachchans,Twinkle...

Vidya wore 40 un-ironed outfits for Begum Jaan: Designer Rick Roy

It was the actor's idea to ensure she looked her part, admits the celebrity costume designer

Vidya isn't saying Heyy Baby anytime soon

The 38-year-old actor feels that as the world population is on a rise, it's okay if some people don't have babies

Begum Jaan: A homecoming and a trail(er)blazer

The film, which is being produced by Bhatt's production house, and its trailer has B-town raving

Vidya lashes out at man who tried to touch her

Begum Jaan lashes out at a fan, who allegedly tried to touch her inappropriately while taking a selfie with her at Kolkata airport

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