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Trailer roundup: Logan, Pirates 5, Stranger Things 2, Baywatch & more

We have got you the most important and un-missable new trailers. Catch 'em all

Stranger Things 2's first look will give you Ghostbusters deja vu

The first look of the Netflix hit series is out and the teaser will premiere during the Superbowl game this weekend

Best SAG moments of this year

The SAG Awards got political and rather surprising as the favourites were overshadowed by the underdogs

Have a Happy Netflix new year with these shows

From Marvel's newest superhero, to a new Lemony Snicket, Netflix is going big in 2017. Read on

8 shows to stream this Halloween

Ditch Trick-or-Treating this Halloween and binge watch on these small screen gems

How Millie Bobby Brown became the millennials' favourite star

Thank you, Stranger Things, for giving us Millie Bobby Brown. Eleven gets an 11 out of 10

4 Emmy moments you can’t afford to miss

From Jimmy Kimmel’s fab hosting to Hilary Clinton's tweet, here's what stole the show at the 68th Emmy Awards

What if Stranger Things was made in India

We re-imagined the 80s drama, desi ishtyle

El doesn't just speak, she raps like a pro

There's just one reason, among a million others, why you should root for this mysterious girl from the Netflix show

Stranger Things renewed for a second season

It was hailed as one of the most successful shows of the year

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