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Is Beyonce's daughter, Blue Ivy, launching a makeup line?

Move over Kylie Jenner, 5-year-old Blue Ivy proves that she is cooler than all of us

Sorry, Sonam, you ain't India's style icon

Online styling and shopping hub, Polyvore, released its annual review of the year’s top search trends. So, now we know your style icon and your...

Oops she does it again: All the times Kylie played a copycat

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner has been accused of ripping of the design of a makeup artist yet again. Check out all the times Kylie parroted...

Kylie Jenner just got ID-ed!

Guess why she's wasn't allowed to enter the nightclub where her boyfriend, rapper Tyga, was performing

Pokemon Go stories that will make you go OMG

Pokemon gamers have been involved in some batshit crazy incidents, such as a man busy catching monsters as his wife was giving birth to their child

Would you try Demi's new beauty product?

T2 Online tells you if the hype around celebrity beauty products is worth it

Guess who's sharing style tips with Caitlyn Jenner?

It's none other than daughter Kylie. The 18-year-old says mum Caitlyn is really proud of her

Kylie Jenner grew up just like us

Kylie shares throwback pictures with mum Kris Jenner ahead of Mother's Day

Kylie, Blac call a truce. You can famjam with your ex's coterie too

So you've broken up with your boyfriend. But do you need to dump his family too? Not if you knew how to keep it going

Some celeb hairstyles to inspire you

From colour switches to dreads, pick one of the latest that suits you best.

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