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Chicken tikka, Stolen phones: What's going down at Coachella

The bizarre and the wonderful, as expected, have been a part of Coachella 2017

Drake slams Coachella accomodation for racial profiling

And his fans immediately start leaving bad reviews too. This, right after his surprise gig at Coachella

Drake and The Chainsmokers lead Billboard nominations

The Chainsmokers might just be the next Beyonce

Did Drake just sing for his ex, Serena Williams?

The rapper and the tennis star briefly dated in 2015, and now, his 'More Life' playlist may have clues about their affair

Drake admits to drunk-texting JLo

The duo had a brief fling, but seems to have moved on, especially since JLo has a new guy already

#Pogbox: Pogba meets boxer Eubank Jr

Boxer Chris Eubank Jr posted a photo with the Manchester United mid-fielder on Instagram

Kanye, Drake, Bieber to boycott the Grammys. Here's why

Some of the biggest names in music consider the prestigious award to be dated and point out the lack of diversity in its representation. We get...

Fashionistas (and Drake) can't get enough of Sasha Obama

Social media is all praise for the young Obama girl, Sasha. Even Drake can't get over her. Here's why

3 things to remember before you unfriend your ex's lover

Take a cue from Rihanna and Bella Hadid, who just blocked their exes, to stave off the social media niceties like a boss. Here's how

JLo and Drake surface as the new power couple

The two musicians met on a tour and have clearly been inseparable ever since

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