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Matt is Darkseid to BFF Batfleck in Justice League

Justice League is now officially a battle of the besties

Matt Damon is officially Aunty Hollywood and is nanny-ing the Clooneys

He knows everything about everything and we don't even know what happened to the old Matt

Affleck's Batman is being re-written from scratch

Since Affleck dropped out as director of the film, the entire project has been going through some major changes

The top moments from Oscars 2017

Here's our pick of everything worth remembering from international cinema's biggest night

Ben Affleck's son thinks his dad really is Batman

There have been reports that Affleck is having second thoughts about reprising his role in the Batman standalone film

Batman movie: New director, new script and new doubts

After Ben Affleck's refusal to direct the standalone superhero flick, the makers have gone for a new script and a change of style. Playing with...

Ben Affleck steps down as Batman director

The Oscar winner will now only star in the DC standalone movie, but will not direct it, as was initially decided

Too many Batman questions have given Affleck a pain in the a**

The Oscar-winning actor-director is set to star as the caped crusader in the upcoming standalone Batman movie

Trailer Round-Up: Iron Fist, Jackie, Legion, Underworld 5 and more

We have got you the most important and un-missable new trailers. Catch ‘em all

Jennifer Garner jokes about dating Brad Pitt

Jennifer and Ben Affleck announced their plans to divorce in June 2015, but have been spotted together on many occasions after the split

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