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Alexander Wang's NYFW show takes you back to the 90s

Bowl cuts, leather shorts, goth layers and stock chokers have a spokesperson in Alexander Wang, and you need to listen up

New hot pair, Selena and The Weeknd, off on a vacay

The couple has only been going out for a week, and has been out and about from day one

Why is Justin pissed with Selena's new flame, The Weeknd?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had been in an on and off relationship for three years, until they split for good in 2014. Is that the reason for...

3 things to remember before you unfriend your ex's lover

Take a cue from Rihanna and Bella Hadid, who just blocked their exes, to stave off the social media niceties like a boss. Here's how

Bella Hadid brings back-to-school look back from the burner

The model's latest campaign will make you bust out your school uniform once again

Looking back at the biggest fashion moments of '16

From Bella Hadid's runway tumble to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's fierce pout, 2016 had it all. We round up some of the biggest fashion statements of...

Drugs were a crutch for me: The Weeknd opens up about his addiction

The Canadian singer-songwriter recently headlined the news when he took to the Victoria's Secret stage with his ex Bella Hadid

Moment of the month: Bella's Victoria's Secret brush with The Weeknd

The supermodel and the singing sensation broke off their relationship earlier this month, after 18 months of togetherness

Paris turns paradise with Victoria's Secret Angels

From million dollar lingeries, to 7-feet long wings, the Victoria's Secret Paris show is the swankiest thing in fashion right now. Take a look at...

Victoria's Angels take a private jet and gear up for a glitzy show

The popular fashion label will host a show in Paris this December, and the countdown has officially begun

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