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Meet Vivek Vikram Singh, the successful businessman with a crazy passion for gaming

Vivek Singh runs three factories with around 800 employees

Santanu Basu 13 April 2018, 11:28 PM
T2 Interview
Vivek standing beside his gaming rig

Vivek standing beside his gaming rig Image: Vivek Vikram Singh

To the outside world, Vivek Vikram Singh is the director and owner of Prakash Lights — a successful electrical goods company which also manufactures OEM bulbs for international companies like Eveready, Philips etc. Sounds quite a busy job right? Because it is. However, running a full-scale business hasn't stopped the 31-year-old from dedicating as much time as possible to his original passion — gaming.

Vivek's company is structured like a well-oiled machine to make sure he can dedicate as much time to gaming as possible and the huge FIFA-fan also owns a killer gaming setup in his room. T2 Online caught up with the busy businessman-gamer for a chat about his undying passion.

When did your passion for gaming start?

I started gaming in school around 14 years ago. It began with the laptop and then I moved to console gaming.

What do you exactly do?

We are into electrical goods manufacturing. We make fans, LEDs, wires for Pan India. We also manufacture OEM s like bulbs for Eveready, Philips and other companies. We have three factories and over 800 people are employed with us.

How many hours do you game in a day?

Around 12 - 14 hours a day. Sometimes, when I am playing a game like Call of Duty, I want to finish the campaign mode as soon as possible.

Whats your daily schedule and how do you manage the time?

I don't have a schedule and I don't go to office daily. I have hired some very good managers which makes it easy for me to work remotely. But when work calls, I am there.

You spent a lot on your gaming setup. Can you walk us through it?

I made my gaming room five years ago. The Tv costs Rs 7.5 lakh, Bose speakers cost Rs 2 lakh. I also own games worth over Rs 2 lakh.

How tough is it to balance your life as a gamer and your business?

It’s not so tough as I finish work on time and always get time for gaming.

What was your gaming schedule like before you joined the business?

I have always been a gamer at heart, so business hasn’t really stopped me from pursuing my passion. I dedicate whatever time I want to take out towards gaming. This is so from even before I joined my business.

Did you ever want to become a pro gamer or get into a gaming-related profession?

I have never done gaming as a professional. Although I’ve played with professionals. I hope a get the chance to do it professionally someday though, as I feel I have the skillset to become one.

If there was one game you could carry with you to an island, what would it be?

Easy, FIFA.

Apart from gaming do you like anything?

I love car rallies and have been participating for the last six months. I even finished second in the last one I participated in.

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