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In a massive crackdown on cheaters, Valve bans over 90 thousand gaming accounts in one week

Valve has a zero tolerance policy towards cheaters and bans are never overturned

Santanu Basu @shaanthegame 21 July 2018, 2:24 PM
Counter Strike Global Offensive by Valve is a game where gamers try to use cheats

Counter Strike Global Offensive by Valve is a game where gamers try to use cheats Image: Valve

American videogame developer Valve has banned more than 90,000 gamers over the last one week. Almost 40,000 gamers were banned the day after the Summer Sale last year. This year, the number is even more. Yesterday itself, 61488 accounts were banned by Valve's Anti-Cheat system. 28,407 accounts were banned on Wednesday. 

The numbers have been revealed by PCGamesN, the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) system that watches over a number of games, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, the Call of Duty series, and Ark: Survival Evolved — games that are played by a huge chunk of players.

Valve has taken some time to act but the company has a zero tolerance policy towards cheaters, and once an account is banned, it will be never overturned. So, gamers who use cheats in a game or hacks will either have to come clean or will risk getting their account banned forever.

Though people who have been banned can make a new account, they will need to buy the games and work on their armoury all over again. Even gamers who have spent more money than others will not be spared, if it's found they have indulged in any malpractice. There are many Reddit posts which show that even accounts which had purchased tens of thousands of dollars worth of CS:GO skins have been banned. 

But gamers who play fair and rely on their sheer hard work to win are happy with the decision.

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