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It took me a long time before I found my home on Twitch: India's top Twitch streamer Dhruv Gupta

Dhruv was the first person from India to go on the Twitch Partner Spotlight

Santanu Basu 21 February 2018, 9:31 PM
T2 Interview
Dhruv has been streaming for a year

Dhruv has been streaming for a year Image: Dhruv Gupta

Dhruv Gupta has been playing games for more than two decades and initially dreamt of becoming a game programmer. But after dropping out of two different colleges due to unavoidable circumstances, he started working at the age of 18 as a Game Tester. Having jumped around in the gaming industry working as a tester, teacher, writer and critic, Dhruv finally decided to settle down on Twitch as a streamer.

Dhruv, popular as Ris3y in the gaming world, has been streaming for just about a year now, but the focus in the last 10 months has completely been on Twitch. A variety streamer popular for his cringe jokes, Ris3y runs his channel on one primary thing — schedule. His focus is to build a non-toxic community, which he describes as his cute and loving Phoenix family. Dhruv is one of the top Twitch streamers in India and currently caters to 2,550 active followers, with the numbers growing steadily.

Dhruv is now partnered with Twitch, Discord, Streamlabs, PUBG, Humble Bundle and Nvidia India. He was the first person from India to go on the Twitch Partner Spotlight i.e. be on the front page of Twitch for seven days in a row. He also runs a Twitch community called Indian Broadcasters to help aspiring streamers.

T2 Online caught up with Ris3y to understand why he chose streaming as a career.

When did you first start gaming?  

I was around 4 years old when my father purchased a Pentium I PC, which had over 100 DOS games and came with a Joystick controller. I started with games like Wolf3D, Dangerous Dave, 4DSports, Aladdin, Lion King, etc. It's been 20+ years now that I've been into video games. And while I don't play as much as I once used to as a kid, I continue to be in the gaming industry and want to be a Twitch streamer for the rest of my life.

What are the key necessities for a person to start a Twitch channel?  

A good PC that can run and stream your games at the same time, a good Internet connection that has good upload speed, setting up your panels and overlays, having a good mic and camera — these are some of the key necessities for a person to start a Twitch channel. Streaming is more of a job than it is fun and games, and it isn't necessary that a person who likes gaming will enjoy streaming. So I would recommend that people start streaming with the bare minimum and try it out for themselves before making any heavy investments.

Tell us about your first tryst with gaming.

The first game I played was Dangerous Dave on my Pentium I PC. I remember my sister, Mansi, helping me out by teaching me how to use the keyboard to control Dave and get him across the levels. I struggled a lot with the game. The game had 10 levels with increasing difficulty in each level. For a long time, I would only be able to reach Level 4. It wasn't until I was I think 8 or 9 years old that I beat that game. It's still is one of my favourites to date.

Tell us about the ups and downs of your gaming career, and how you coped with them. 

Apart from the struggle to initially get support from my family, the biggest down in my career was finding a mentor, a guide, who would help me find my place in the gaming industry. For a long time, I struggled to settle down and found myself doing various jobs. Game tester, teacher, writer and critic — it took me a long time before I found my home on Twitch. It was then that I decided to be a full-time Twitch streamer for the rest of my life. I would like to give a huge shoutout to Ishaan Arya for getting me into streaming, a huge shoutout to Swatej Singh for bringing me onto Twitch, and a huge shoutout to Ankit Jayant for being my mentor and helping me at every step of my Twitch journey.

What has been the highlights of your streaming career so far?

I was fortunate enough to be selected by Twitch to be part of the Twitch <3 Creators program — a series of videos that would have streamers represent their country. It will be played throughout 2018 on social media, the Twitch channel and at conventions like GamesCom, Paris Games Week, Pax, etc. I even got mentioned by Twitch's Official Twitter multiple times. All these things have really helped me forget the downs of my life and today, the entire journey feels worth it.

What are your favourite leisure activities?

Apart from gaming, I enjoy reading gaming news, catching up on some great movies, and watching Netflix/Amazon Prime. I also like to spend time watching livestreams of Indian & foreign streamers on both Twitch & YouTube. All these activities help me improve upon my content and helps me plan my streams for the week ahead.

What did you first start streaming?  

My first ever stream was DOTA 2 about a year back on YouTube on JAGS (Just Another Gaming Site). I remember streaming at the time a new 'Dark Moon' update along with a few normal matches. In fact, it's been quite a few months now that I've streamed any DOTA 2 at all and would actually love to get back to it. Just waiting for a good Internet connection that would allow me to stream and play DOTA at the same time.

Did your family support you at the start?

Just like any other Indian gamer, the first challenge I faced was convincing my parents to let me get into the gaming industry. From begging for time to play games to convincing them at the age of 17 to let me quit my B.CA. degree to pursue Game Programming in a different college was tough. This became even worse when the college from where I was pursuing Game Programming shut down the course. But once I got a job as a QA Game Tester, my parents started supporting me. Today, things are very different. When I was on the Twitch Partner Spotlight, my parents watched all the streams every day, something which is a huge deal for a streamer from India.  

What are the challenges you faced?  

As a streamer, there are quite a few challenges I continue to face. Being a variety streamer, it is hard to buy every game. So being able to arrange them all to be able to stream them is quite a big task. Bigger than that is to be able to find a decent Internet connection. Delhi has just started to get decent ISPs, but even they aren't available in every area. Apart from the available lease line, which I cannot afford, I have never had choices for an Internet Service Provider. But by far, the biggest challenge I face every day is being entertaining every time I go live, especially when I'm having a bad day. Being able to keep that aside and stream and entertain is an enormous challenge.  

Some tips for young budding streamers.

Over the course of the last one year as a streamer, I've realised that Twitch is very different from other streaming platforms. Endurance to stream for long hours (minimum 4-6 hours), the ability to entertain your audience throughout that duration, continuously interact with them, being very disciplined with your livestreams by sticking to a schedule and finding creative ways to keep your streams fresh by delivering a variety of content are just some of the first few tips I would give for people who want to be streamers. They can always contact me for any help via my social media accounts.

You can follow Dhruv here:

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