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Tinder, Badoo, Truly Madly, OkCupid: Dating Apps face off

Looking for love? Will a dating app help? T2 Online tries them all out on your behalf

T2 Online Staff 5 April 2016, 2:02 AM


Love is in the air, but certainly not in app stores or so says Gen Y. While a huge pool of dating apps await to titillate you, across platforms, how many of them actually help you find 'love'? The truly, madly, deeply way that is. We at T2Online asked four fiery hearts to try out some popular dating apps, and the experience left us... well, anything but mushy. 

The Tinder Tale
Alakananda Bandyopadhyay

In the summer of 2015, I was heavily single and extremely bored. Relationships these days are nothing short of a 9 to 5 job, and apps like Tinder, OKCupid and Badoo — well, even Facebook and Twitter — are your new agencies, or even some job portal, if you will. You put up a profile with a dashing picture to go and suddenly, you’re in the game. 

Getting back to the topic – yes, I was bored. A friend of mine asked me to join Tinder and of course was met with my personal distaste for the app. But I caved in eventually. Why you ask? Trolling. If you’re fond of trolling people online, Tinder is your place. My bio read some assorted derivative of 'antisocial pessimist' and that drew people. Strange, right? But what was even stranger is how each of them had the same question to ask – “Why did you join Tinder?” (Quite the placement interview, right? What did I say about the job?) I believed that was the indication for me to come off clean and maybe that would stop the same, generic, recycled questions, and I updated my bio to say 'for those of you who are nosy enough to know why I’m here, it’s just to troll creeps.' 
Safe to say, it didn’t change things. 
“Wow, arrogant much?”
“Why don’t you ever reply, <insert female derogatory term>?”
“Hey hottie, wanna ;)?”
And my favourite – “If you don’t want to find love, why are you here?”
Love - Honey, nobody goes on Tinder to find love and I gathered that within four days. As a close friend had said once: Nobody courts any more, we date. Similarly, nobody goes looking for love any more; it’s all about getting laid. And Tinder is the cheapest wingman you’ll get. No charges, no complaints, no demands. Just unlimited sleaziness.  


The Badoo story
Prabhjeet Singh Sethi

I couldn’t wait any longer to change my Facebook relationship status from 'Single' to 'In a Relationship'. Please don’t judge me. I have always been single and expected a dating app to bail me out. And downloading Badoo gave me hope.
From then on, I started preferring Badoo over Whatsapp/Facebook and also kept an eye on updates between office hours. I'd go through more than 100 profiles; I had roughly approached 90. But no one reciprocated. And I dropped it off my priority list.
Once, in the dead of the night, a stinging buzz on my phone woke me up, “Say Hi to Meenakshi.” Clicking on it took me to a list where I was saddled with another 50-something profiles. But where’s Meenakshi?
Then, it again buzzed while I was at office. “Deepika and two others want to chat.” I thought the wait was over.
On Deepika’s chat box, I said, “Hi…Wssup J” But she hasn’t replied yet. And many others. In some cases, it also says “message not delivered.” WTF!
Then I bumped into the “Get Featured” option. I thought that would help. But it took me to an interface where I had to buy hundred credits. Now I had to almost buy myself a date.
The 'say-hi-to-this-girl' and 'so-n-so-wanna-chat' notifications keep coming. But they don’t make a difference anymore. Because the same story has been repeated several times.
Now what? Tinder? 


Truly Madly. Lonely, eh?
Ranadeep Chakraborty

As I was sitting idle, waiting for my new match, I simultaneously kept sharing 'Forever Loner' memes on Facebook. That’s what Truly Madly had left me with - No Hope! 
The app had an ‘about me’ section where one who is anything but a #partyhopper or a #healthfreak get to choose such 'cool hashtags'. These are  keywords used to find your  exact match, ya right. But what about the phrase 'opposites attract'? The makers of the app probably believe that the term is strictly confined to magnets and they show you people you wish you hadn’t 'matched' with. Even if you find someone interesting, you would not know how to communicate, and of course there will be no reciprocation from the other side. 
Being an optimist, I set a display photo that had the most likes and comments on Facebook. It made no difference. Am I not attractive enough or is it the other way round, I wondered. I would be glad to believe the latter though. In this way “scouting more interesting peeps for you” will not excite you any more because the peeps are anything but interesting. 
At one point Truly Madly will make you feel that you were better off on Facebook messenger with girls those who work at 'I-don’t-need-to-work-as-I-am-a-Princess'. At least they reciprocate. I would now rather forward chain messages to five Whatsapp groups and wait for my luck to shine within 20 minutes because, this one's truly maddening. Grrr!

Truly Madly

OkCupid... Err, not so okay
Ayush Chatterjee

It's been almost two years since I have been lonely so I thought it was a good time to get out THERE. 
Since I don't have all that happening a social life, I decided to bet my faith in the dating apps everyone seems to be raving about. I started with Tinder and I liked that app. However, luck was not on my side. I just managed one match. So I figured, a change in allegiance was in order. Seeing the reviews of OKCupid made me download it. The app has all the essentials to be a quality match making app except for one crucial thing — its users. 
A barrage of questions and the ability to pick people based on their answers to the same is a nifty feature. Unfortunately, the users don’t do any justice with either their user names or the answers. It made me wonder if it is indeed 'grown ups' who are on it or kids with some kind of typing handicap. You don't want to be marked as a paedophile on the prowl, after all. 
While the personalized questions try to sieve out the most compatible profiles for potential matches, there is no lock on the information available on one’s profile. And this is what can prove to be a deal breaker for many. Sigh! For me, too.

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