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These five once-popular apps are no longer part of Google Play Store

Are you looking for a specific app on the app store but can't find it? Chances are they are gone forever!

Santanu Basu 16 April 2018, 6:43 PM
Are you an Android user? You won't find these apps then

Are you an Android user? You won't find these apps then Image: Twitter

It's the first day of the week and you badly need some #MondayMotivation. So, you take a break and go on Google's Play Store to download some fun applications. You're looking for a specific one, and are unable to find it. You search, you research, and then some more, only to find out that the app you're looking for has been obliterated. *jaws drop*

If you're looking for some more dope on some apps going MIA, you're reading the right write-up. Here's a list of five mobile applications no longer available on Play Store.

Sarahah: This app became viral last year. But now, it is nowhere to be found on Google Play Store and Apple App store. Sarahah, which means honesty in Arabic, was developed to seek an honest feedback from people, without revealing their identity. But people ended up misusing it. Things took an ugly turn when Katrina Collins started a petition on after her 13-year-old daughter was cyber-bullied. The petition received over 4.7 lakh signatures from around the world. After that, a Mangalore-based girl contemplated suicide after receiving ugly messages. Taking a cue from these incidents, Google decided to remove the application.

Did you try Sarahah? (Image: Twitter)

Tube Mate: It enabled users to directly download YouTube videos on their smartphone. It was removed simply because Google wasn't too happy about users downloading videos limitlessly. Now that YouTube has allowed selective download for offline viewing, users are happy.

TV Portal: Streaming TV shows was possible through this application. It actualy turned out to be a great app for TV series lovers. But, Google had to remove it due to several copyright issues cropping up.

TV Portal
When copyright issues took the world by storm

PSX4Droid: This app was a Play Station emulator and allowed users to play games on their Android devices. Though it was hugely popular with gamers, Google removed it due to legal troubles and copyright issues.

Popcorn Time: This app used to let users download movies and TV series and save them. Through it, you could also choose subtitles, set video quality and download content for free. Unfortunately, it also ran into legal issues.

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