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Therapists all over the world are recommending this app, which is like a Fitbit for anxiety

The Airo app tracks your mental health for you

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 23 November 2017, 6:45 PM
It could be a good move to ask your shrink about Airo

It could be a good move to ask your shrink about Airo Image: Facebook

Anxiety is a demon we all battle — but it's not something we pay attention to. Most people do not even realise when they are having an axiety attack, simply because they are not in-the-know of the trigger warnings or symptoms. Several apps have come up that help us keep tabs on our mental health. One of the more important ones is Airo Health, which is being recommended by therapists as a tool to keep anxiety at bay. The app is supposed to help people take control of their anxieties in a few simple steps.

Like Fitbit, Airo helps you keep track of your activities, and comes with a wearable wristband, which is connected to an app that measures your Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Scientists across the world have studied HRV for depression, anxiety, weight-loss, PTSD, stress, heart surgery.

The Airo website claims that, "while most wearables are based on co-relation, Airo is based on direct measurement. It is directly measuring your nervous system so there is zero chance of error."


The Airo wristband (Source:

Airo guides you through stress signals and focus points with exercises that are personalised for you. The app is also constantly tracking you to detect when you're at peak anxiety levels. On detecting trigger warnings, the wristband will gently vibrate and the app will walk you through ways to reduce your stress before it gets hard to control. Once it alerts you to these physical signs, the app then guides you through coping methods, including telling you what times of day are best to practise these methods to deal with daily stressors.

Airo sends you helpful notofications (Image:

The app will send you notifications like, "You usually seem to get stressed around 4 pm. Might be a good idea to take a break. Want me to set a reminder?" Or, "Looks like you're pretty relaxed now. You've been only been stressed once today"

“It gives you back the control of your life, and it lets you objectively measure your anxiety so no one can say 'it's not real' or 'just get over it," an Airo representative told Bustle.

People suffering from anxieties or seeking professional help have revealed that their therapsists prescribed Airo to them, and it has worked. Airo works for almost all Android devices and iPhone 5. The device is priced at $200, approximately Rs 13,000. You can find more details here.

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