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Thanks to PlayStation Now, play your PS 4 games on PC

The Sony-owned gaming network is tipped to bring several PlayStation 4 gaming titles pretty soon

T2 Online Newsdesk 14 March 2017, 11:41 PM
Representational Image: Play Fallout 4 in in your PC now

Representational Image: Play Fallout 4 in in your PC now Image: Bethesda Studios

Are you tired of the playing old PlayStation 3 games and craving for some excitement with the latest PlayStation 4 games on your PC? Well then there is good news for you.

PlayStation Now, the Sony-owned gaming network, is tipped to bring several PS4 gaming titles. And that means playing PlayStation exclusive games on your Windows PC or laptop will be a reality pretty soon.

Sony has also asserted to bring more gaming titles into the PS Now service.

For the uninitiated, PlayStation Now is a gaming subscription service from Sony which lets you play all the PS gaming titles on your Windows running desktop and laptops without installing them in your system. Many experts see PS Now subscription service as a counter strategy to Xbox’s Game Pass.

The PS Now requires a good internet connection, since it’s utterly based on internet streaming. But if Sony adds more devices to the list, you can play any of the PS gaming titles on any device by just paying for the subscription. Obviously, it will increase the number of PS gamers in coming days, but it might make the consoles irrelevant as well.

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