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Chennai students design a drone to send first-aid kits to accident spots

The drone can move up to a speed of 70 kmph

Santanu Basu 12 June 2018, 3:28 PM
The drone made by Chennai students can move at a speed of 70kmph

The drone made by Chennai students can move at a speed of 70kmph Image: Thinkstock

A group of engineering students from Chennai's St Peters Institute of Higher Education and Research have designed a drone that can carry a medical first-aid box to an accident spot.

In metropolitan cities, heavy traffic is a major obstacle to swift movement of ambulances. And in rural areas,  bad roads make it even worse.

The drone, which can move at a speed of up to 70kmph, works on GPS and can carry up to eight kg of first-aid material. Although the device's current radius is 3 km, the students are working on making the model capable of travelling even longer distances.

The device also comes with an interactive display, which suggests medicines for different kinds of injuries

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