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Oh Snap! Here's why Snapchat is the social media gangsta

Snap received. Opened. Self-destroyed. That's just one of several features Snapchat offers. It is the Mafioso of the social world. Here's why

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 16 February 2016, 11:50 PM
Mafioso Ghost Chillah snap-shoots other social media apps in town. (Graphics: Ankita Mitra)

Mafioso Ghost Chillah snap-shoots other social media apps in town. (Graphics: Ankita Mitra)

Before July 2011, Casper was the only friendly ghost. But then, white-against-yellow Ghostface Chillah (Snapchat's mascot) adorned smartphone screens and Casper's popularity ratings are lower. It's hard not to love the cutesy ghost of the video messaging app.

Snapchat has caught on like wildfire among a sizeable chunk of social media lovers. From 25 to now over 9K snaps shared per second, Snapchat is zooming past its competitors.

Here's why we feel it is the ultimate gangster in Social Media Town.


  • Leaves no trace
    Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, once you upload an image or a video it stays there unless you hit delete manually. Crushing them all, with its self-destructing images and videos feature, Snapchat walks away with swag.

  • Signature style
    While other apps may let you use gifs in posts and comments, Snapchat allows users to have a quirky gif as their profile snap. Fun, ain't it?


  • It tells stories
    In addition to individually pixting, texting and video chatting with fellow Snapchatters, you can also compile photos and videos under the Snap story feature. You will know what your friends are up to with one swipe. Umm, two actually.


  • Live action
    It is a quick and on-the-go app that takes just semi-seconds to upload stories and, of course, seconds to view them. The Live feature comes handy when you want to post selfies and videos from that rock concert or soccer match you're at. Making friends envious was never this easy.


  • Not just empty chat
    Snapchat's 'Discover' brings the world to your fingertips. One can easily learn to cook, pick a beauty hack or read news any time, anywhere.

  • Rewards you with a trophy
    Heightening the addiction, the new 'Trophy Case' tab provokes the competitive streak in users. You can unlock new levels and win a new trophy.

  • It can't be bought
    It was back in 2013 that Facebook wanted to acquire Snapchat, given its super success. But the owners turned down their 3 billion cash acquisition offer. Apps don't usually say no to FB. Remember WhatsApp? But Snapchat did. * Like a boss *

And that's not all this fun app has to offer. One can pick filters, add timestamps, check out the new lenses, scan snapcodes to add friends, check a friend's score and a lot more. Just like any don marks his/her territory, Snapchat has carved its niche in the social media town.

Snap Moods
Image: Snapchat

Billions are already snap-hooked. Are you?


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