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I lost every event for 4 years, but then I met someone who changed everything: Indian FIFA ace Abhisek Mondal

Abhisek represented India in AFGC 2013 in Malaysia and beat the WCG Asia champ of the time

Santanu Basu 14 June 2018, 5:39 PM
T2 Interview
Abhisek Mondal has been participating in tournaments since he was 14-years-old

Abhisek Mondal has been participating in tournaments since he was 14-years-old Image: Facebook

Abhisek Mondal is an MBA student from Kolkata. But when the 24-year-old is not busy studying management, he is busy playing football, albeit online. After all, Abhisek is a professional FIFA gamer and plays for Team Digifight.

As a pro gamer, he might be living the dream a lot of gamers want to, but the journey hasn't always been smooth. When Abhisek first started playing tourneys as a teenager, he kept on losing.

Despite reaching quarters or semis on occasions, Abhisek didn't win a single title from 2009 to 2012. But once he tasted his first victory in 2013, the floodgates opened up. He has been on a roll in the last few years, winning several FIFA tournaments, and making it to the nationals in most. T2 Online caught up with the FIFA ace to talk about his journey so far.

When did you first start gaming?

I started gaming when I was 14.

What are the traits necessary in order to achieve professional success?

Determination and focus.

Tell us about your first ever professional game.

It was FIFA 2009. One of my friends asked me to play in a tournament which was taking place at their college fest. It was my first tournament and sadly I lost in the quarterfinals, but it was a good experience for me.

What are some key achievements in your career?

Winning the AFGC in 2013 and representing India in Malaysia AFGC grand finals were the highlights. It was very special for me and a key achievement in my career.

Tell us about the ups and downs of your gaming career, and how did you cope with them?

When I started playing FIFA professionally, I lost each and every tournament for four years in a row. I inevitably got knocked out in the quarters or semis due to lack of experience and guidance. Luckily, I found Joy Guha. He's a FIFA player, too, and was once an opponent. But now, he's like my elder brother — someone who has guided me in every field and motivated me to never give up. So, I kept going and won numerous tournaments.

How many hours should one practise daily?

Two to three hours of hardcore practice session playing online will be enough.

Who is a better opponent — a human being or a computer?

A human obviously. Even watching other good players and analysing their game styles will surely help you become a better player. I still watch and learn new things all the time.

Do you play anything else?

Apart from FIFA, I dabble in Clash Royale sometimes.

Which was your most memorable match?

The AFGC grand finals. It was the first match I played against World Cyber Games Asia champion Vin Chew of Malaysia. I won against him and that was the biggest win of my career. A few days ago, I also beat Hibidi of Singapore in an online FIFA Ultimate Team match with many watching it live.

Your favourite team and players?

My favourite team in FIFA is Bayern Munich but in real life, I love Real Madrid. My favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

What’s your favourite leisure activity?

I like to paint. 

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