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Whoa! Intel's new technology will let laptops run for 28 hours

Intel teased the new technology at the ongoing Computex Taiwan

Santanu Basu 7 June 2018, 12:02 PM
Intel has an almost 80 per cent market share in CPU sales worldwide

Intel has an almost 80 per cent market share in CPU sales worldwide Image: Flickr

Intel has worked on a new technology that may give your laptops a battery life of up to 28 hours. Yes, you heard that right. Intel said it's using a special LCD panel from Sharp and Innolux that consumes just 1 watt of power. That is almost 50 per cent of the power the same laptop screen was using earlier. 

Intel's new Low Power Display Technology will make this possible. At the ongoing Computex Taiwan, Intel said a Dell XPS 13 model with the special LCD panel lasts for 25 hours and 14 minutes while a prototype Intel device managed to last for 28 hours. Intel also said that the screen was set to dim brightness and headphones were used instead of the speaker. According to The Verge, it only works with Intel's integrated graphics and not with graphics cards such as Nvidia or AMD, which one needs for gaming. It also requires Intel's power management solution.

Apart from this, Intel also announced that it was partnering with Sprint to run systems on fast 5G networks in the future. For video editors, animators and designers, Intel is bringing a new range of laptops and desktops called Creator PCs. They are partnering with Asus, Dell and MSI for these range of laptops and desktops.

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