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Instagram unveils new video service called IGTV to compete against YouTube

IGTV will only support vertical videos

T2 Online Newsdesk 21 June 2018, 5:48 PM
Kevin Systrom, CEO and co-founder of Instagram, announces IGTV

Kevin Systrom, CEO and co-founder of Instagram, announces IGTV Image: Twitter

Facebook's Instagram service is loosening its restraints on video in an attempt to lure younger viewers away from YouTube when they're looking for something to watch on their smartphones. The expansion, announced Wednesday, dubbed IGTV, will increase Instagram's video time limit from one minute to 10 minutes for most users. Accounts with large audiences will be able to go as long as an hour.

It's the latest instance in which Instagram has ripped a page from a rival's playbook in an effort to preserve its status as a cool place for young people to share and view content. In this case, Instagram is mimicking Google's YouTube. Earlier, Facebook and Instagram copied Snapchat β€” another magnet for teens and young adults.

Instagram, now nearly eight-years-old, is moving further from its roots as a photo-sharing service as it dives headlong into longer-form videos.

The initiative comes as parent company Facebook struggles to attract teens, while also dealing with a scandal that exposed its leaky controls for protecting users' personal information.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom told The Associated Press that he hopes IGTV will emerge as a hub of creativity for relative unknowns who turn into Internet sensations with fervent followings among teens and young adults.

That is what's already happening on YouTube, which has become the world's most popular video outlet since Google bought it for $1.76 billion nearly 12 years ago. YouTube now boasts 1.8 billion users.

Instagram, which Facebook bought for $1 billion six years ago, now has 1 billion users, up from 800 million nine months ago.

That trend appears to be one of the reasons that Facebook is "hedging its bets" by opening Instagram to the longer-form videos typically found on YouTube, said analyst Paul Verna of the research firm eMarketer.

Besides giving Instagram another potential drawing card, longer clips are more conducive to video ads lasting from 30 seconds to one minute. Instagram doesn't currently allow video ads, but Systrom said it eventually will. When the ads come, Instagram intends to share revenue with the videos' creators β€” just as YouTube already does.

Lele Pons, a YouTube sensation who also has amassed 25 million followers on Instagram, plans to launch a new cooking show on IGTV in hopes of increasing her audience and eventually generating more revenue. "It's like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. You will never know what you like better unless you try both," she said.

IGTV's programming format will consist exclusively of a vertical video designed to fill the entire screen of smartphones β€” the devices that are emerging as the main way younger people watch videos. By contrast, most YouTube videos fill only a portion of the screen unless the phone is tilted horizontally.

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