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How to hack WhatsApp data: Tips and Tricks

No end-to-end encryption means reading your WhatsApp conversations is just a few clicks away

Anirban Roy 4 May 2016, 11:54 PM


Since its inception, WhatsApp has been spearheading the instant messaging arena. And the Facebook-owned app’s popularity was further boosted by its new security feature—end-to-end encryption—which makes messages unreadable to any other person except the sender and the recipient.

Users can now heave a sigh of relief against the menace of hacking. But those who are yet to update their WhatsApp, beware. Because no end-to-end encryption means reading your WhatsApp conversations is just a few clicks away for any hacker worth his salt.

Actually WhatsApp takes regular backups of all your conversations everyday into a database. This way, even if your app goes corrupt or you lose your data in some way, the app can recover all previous data.

But the solution can also be used to read someone’s WhatsApp data if you can access the database file from that person’s phone. Below are the steps you need to follow to hack any WhatsApp account.

Step by Step

  • On the smartphone, navigate to Internal Storage >> WhatsApp >> Databases and here you’ll find a few files dubbed msgstore.db.crypt<version number>. The .db.crypt will remain common while you will find a date following the msgstore keyword which mentions the date when the backup was taken and the version number would be the encryption version such as 7, 8 or 9.
  • If you’re not aware about how to decrypt data, here is a tool which might come handy for you.

Download Link

Whatsapp Hack

  • Unzip and install the tool on your Windows desktop or laptop.
  • Open the tool and go to file menu. Choose the Decrypt standard and choose the key from data/data/com.whatsapp/files/key. To access the key file you either need to root your device or use a file browser which lets you access the system files.
  • Once you locate the key and the database file, click ok and voila.

It should be noted that the latest version of WhatsApp stores files in crypt9 standard, which has not yet been broken at the time of writing this article. Once a new way comes out, we will update the story.

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