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Good with trivia and want to win some cash? Here are five trivia games you can play

Use that exceptional knowledge you are proud of to win some real cash

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 21 July 2018, 2:18 PM
Real knowledge, real cash

Real knowledge, real cash Image: Thinkstock

Do your brain cells break into a jig when you realise you know a certain piece of trivia? Or maybe you regularly find yourself yelling out the correct answers even before the options appear on the screen during quiz shows on television. Then, my dear friend, you are the pro-trivia master already.

But wouldn't it be nice to have some incentive for that mastery? Well, there's a way.

Play and win trivia games are the new 'in thing' in the gaming world today. The app or web-based trivia games provide you with ample options to monetise your talent without the hassle of registering for televised quiz shows and praying for a chance to become a lucky participant. We already told you about Loco – the very first LIVE trivia game show, remember? 

Of course!

Of course! GIF: Giphy

An array of new trivia games have followed suit and, like Loco, they pay you in real time. Here's a list of five you should try out pronto.

HQ Trivia:

HQ Trivia, developed by the co-founders of Vine, was already taking the international market by storm even before Loco came to India. In fact, Loco is based on its module. HQ Trivia is still a strong contender in the space. The trivia events are held at 9 pm ET (i.e 6.30 am IST) and 3 pm ET ( i.e 12:30 am IST). The payout is made through PayPal.


BrainBaazi is a live video trivia show, with 11 questions every day. Viewers have a few seconds to answer each question and those who answer all questions correctly share the prize. The reward is transferred to the phone wallet at the end of the game. It's hosted twice a day at 1 pm and 8.30 pm.

Swag IQ:

Hosted by celebrity Rohit Roy, this one asks players 12 general knowledge questions. It's held twice in a day at 1.30 pm and 9 pm on weekdays and once a day at 9 pm on weekends.

Lakhpot Daily:

This interactive live quiz game is conducted on the SHAREit app every day at 3 pm and 7 pm. And when they say Lakhpot, they mean it. The prize money is worth a whopping Rs 2 lakh. Multiple contestants need to answer all the 6 questions correctly and the prize money is split equally among them.


This one is slightly different from the rest. The questions are delivered as texts and there's no set time for this game. You'll just have to check the app for active events and play. And of course, you stand the chance to win some moolah along the way.

Ooh! Someone is getting rich!

Money, money, honey

Money, money, honey GIF: Giphy

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