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Games to look forward to in March 2018 ft Far Cry, Assassin's Creed and more

T2 Online takes a look at some of the biggies releasing in March, which will surely excite the gamer in you

Santanu Basu 7 February 2018, 10:42 PM
Gamers, March is going to be a busy month for you

Gamers, March is going to be a busy month for you Image: Tapasri Saha

March promises a lot for gamers with a host of big game releases in the pipeline from some of the big publishers. Far Cry 5 immediately springs to mind but the fifth instalment of the popular series is just one of the many interesting games scheduled for the coming month.

T2 Online takes a look at some of the big upcoming releases for March, which should excite the gamer in you.

Far Cry 5
Release date: March 27
Developers: Ubisoft
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

From what we know so far, Far Cry 5, like its predecessors, combines high-voltage FPS gameplay with elements of survival and resource building thrown in. Far Cry storylines typically revolve around the protagonist (player) taking on an evil and psychotic boss and his/her mini army in an adverse setting under the main villain's control and Far Cry 5 is no different. The upcoming reiteration will pit players against Joseph “The Father” Seed — a radical American cult leader and his violent cult members who are in control of an imaginary Hope County set in Minnesota, USA.

A Way Out
Release date: March 23
Developers: Hazelight Studios
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

A Way Out is an upcoming narrative-based adventure game takes never-seen-before approach to co-op gaming. In the game, players control two convicts -Leo and Vincent- and strategically coordinate to break out of prison and stay on the run. Narratives of both protagonists play out simultaneously and each situation can be approached differently, with both characters taking different roles which need to be syncronized. The game is being developed by the team behind the much-acclaimed 2013-release Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and will be released under the EA Originals label.

MX v ATV All Out
Release date: March 27
Developers: Rainbow Studios
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

It is an off-road racing game with ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and dirt bikes. It also has a split-screen option and 16 players online mode for multiplayer junkies. It is developed by Rainbow Studios and published by THQ. This will be the 7th title of the series in the past 13 years. The game will release on March 27, but can be played from March 23 with early access.

Release date: March 6
Developers: Supermassive Games
Platform: PS4 with PSVR

Imagine a Ballefield experience but in Virtual Reality. Players will be a part of a special ops team trapped deep behind enemy lines. You have to give cover your teammates and infiltrate hostile places in order to complete the squad-based PlayStation VR game. The FPS title has been developed by Supermassive Games and it is exclusive on PlayStation and needs the PSVR add-on.

Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered
Release date: March 20
Developers: Ubisoft
Platform: PS4, Xbox One

Assassin's Creed Rogue was originally released in 2014 for Xbox 360 and PS3 and eventually found its way to PC in 2015. The game is set in 18th-century North America and places players in the shoes of Shay Patrick Cormac, an assassin.

Ubisoft has decided to remaster the game in 4k for PS4 and Xbox One and release it with all DLCs and two bonus missions, And did we mention, its a Assassin's Creed title.

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