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It's time for Nvidia Gamer Connect to take Chandigarh by storm

This will be the third Gamer Connect event in India this year

Santanu Basu 14 June 2018, 3:41 PM
Gamers keep an eye on a giant screen during a Gamer Connect in Hyderabad

Gamers keep an eye on a giant screen during a Gamer Connect in Hyderabad Image: Facebook

Gaming buffs in Chandigarh can rejoice. Because Nvidia Gamer Connect is coming to the city on June 24.

The event is hosted by Nvidia in different cities of India every alternate month. And it is arguably the biggest gamers meet in the country. At the upcoming event in Chandigarh, there will be 30 experience zones, where one can play games in 4K and also try out the Virtual Reality versions.

The most-anticipated (and latest) games such as Final Fantasy XV, Fortnite Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds For Honor, Rainbow Six Siege and Assassins Creed will also be showcased.

Now the more exciting part. You can win loads of prizes by participating in eSports tournaments and try gaming on the latest Alienware laptops.

Gamer Connect events have an average footfall of 2,000. Over 1,400 gamers attended the Guwahati event, which was held in April this year.

The Nvidia Gamer Connect started in 2017 and took place in five cities in the same year. In 2018, it has already taken Pune and Guwahati by storm. And now after Chandigarh, it will move towards Indore, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

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