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Future Samsung Galaxy smartphones may have a second screen on the back

Is dual-screen the future of smartphones?

Utathya Nag utathya10 23 June 2018, 3:35 PM
Samsung is known for its major innovations

Samsung is known for its major innovations Image: Twitter

In the future, Samsung may start including a second screen on the back of the phone in its Galaxy line-up. According to reports, the South Korean smartphone giant has filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a concept design of a bezel-less device with an additional screen on the back panel.

Pictures of the patent in question recently leaked online, giving rise to speculation that it may very well be the future of Galaxy smartphones. Do note, this is different from the foldable smartphone Samsung is reportedly working on.

The images show a bezel-less smartphone, somewhat similar to the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note series with a smaller screen mounted on the back panel.

Another interesting observation about the design is the apparent lack of a front camera module. Now, a secondary screen on the back can also be utilised to do away with a camera on the front panel since the rear-mounted camera can also be used to take selfies.

We have seen other smartphones such as the LG V20 and the Meizu Pro 7 utilise a second display, but in Samsung's design, the second screen seems considerably larger, which may very well make it a lot more functional. Also, the Yotaphone comes with a full e-ink display mounted on the back, but it's more of an e-reader and cannot display colours.

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