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Five must-have apps for every Android user

Explore the apps that can turn a decent smartphone into a multitasking computer on the go

Anirban Roy 15 April 2017, 6:29 PM
Representational Image: There are a plethora of apps available on Google Play which can actually make your life easier than you can ever imagine

Representational Image: There are a plethora of apps available on Google Play which can actually make your life easier than you can ever imagine Image: Thinkstock

A smartphone is just more than a device to make calls, send messages, check social media, and click photographs. A decent smartphone can beat any full-fledged computer in many ways with its multitasking abilities. Unfortunately, many of the functionalities remain unexplored by most users.
There are hundreds of apps available on Google Play, and installing them in your smartphone can actually make your life easier than you can ever imagine.
Let us look at some of these apps available in the Android app store — Google Play.

Office bundle with a writing app
Google Play offers many office suites which have a full-fledged word processor, a spreadsheet app, a presentation viewer along and a PDF viewer. These application bundles can actually convert your smartphone into your work computer on the go. Such bundles let you write or edit as you travel around, read books and view or edit any spreadsheet or presentation file. If you’re more into writing something (blog post or any sort of creative writing), we recommend that you install a note taking app as well. For example, Evernote, iA Writer or Writer Plus. These apps let you post directly into your blog, create an entire archive of articles/stories, and share them instantly.

Tools for pro-photographers
Apart from letting you click photographs directly, a smartphone can also be used as a companion tool to your DSLR. Now all the key camera manufacturers like Canon and Nikon have their native apps to share your images instantly and use your phone as a DSLR remote. You can also use your phone as a light meter or an exposure calculator to calculate the exact manual setting for myriad lighting conditions.

Scanner software
Apart from clicking photographs, you can use your smartphone as a scanner too. By using a scanner app, you can scan documents and feed them into any OCR software to digitize your manually written files or data. The scanner apps also let you create a PDF file instantly by clicking a photograph of the document.

Streaming app
If you own a decent smartphone and an internet connection speed, you no longer need to archive your music and videos in your smartphone. Instead, download some good audio and video streaming apps and play instantly from those apps. The key advantages of streaming apps are that they can maintain a huge library of files across genres, and let you watch the latest movies and web episodes for free or for a minimum subscription fee.

News aggregator
Apps like Feedly or News Republic let you read news from hundreds of online media with a single app. Inheriting the idea from RSS readers, these apps are the easiest solution to refrain from surfing numerous websites for new updates.

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