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Epic game teases Season 5 of Fortnite

Season 5 of the game will be available from July 12

Santanu Basu @shaanthegame 10 July 2018, 1:45 PM
Fortnite already has over 125 million players worldwide across all platforms

Fortnite already has over 125 million players worldwide across all platforms Image: Epic Games

Epic Games has released its first official tease of Fortnite Season 5 and it will release on July 12. In an official tweet, Epic games stated the newest Fornite season will hit the circuit in three days. 

The tweet also comes with a picture of the mask and speculation is rife within the gaming community. 

Some have been saying the mask is a reference to the Japanese kitsune (fox), which can shape-shift into any form and possesses supernatural abilities. 

Others have been saying on Reddit that the character is Bastet, an ancient Egyptian goddess. A few are even saying it may be a Viking artefact.

Fortrise Leaks tweeted a picture of a stagecoach, which confirmed the theme in Season 5 will be the Wild West. This also indicates it may be a historical theme in Season 5. A map, looking like a desert, was also revealed. Other items such as a motel sign, anchor and bones were also confirmed by Fortnite Leaks. But only when Season 5 releases will we know what the real deal is. 

Fortnite has a whopping 125 million gamers right now,  with 40 million players actively logging into the game to play every month.

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