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Elon Musk fans just ran a crowdfunding campaign to buy him a couch. Here's why

Musk was apparently sleeping on the Tesla factory floor

Santanu Basu 13 May 2018, 5:11 PM
Elon Musk thanked his fans for the gesture

Elon Musk thanked his fans for the gesture Image: AFP

Is it possible to be the world's fifty-third richest man (according to Forbes) and still sleep on the floor? Well, yes, when you are working as hard as Elon Musk. The Space X CEO and Tesla co-owner, in a recent interview to CBS This Morning, revealed that he has been burning the midnight oil working on the Tesla Model 3 and was sleeping on the factory floor.

Musk also explained that he couldn't sleep on the office couch and showed it to the news anchor.

The billionaire's plight didn't sit well with Musk's fans, who desperately wanted the Tech mogul to get a good night's sleep. Enter Ben Sullins, a YouTuber and a Tesla fan who runs a channel by the name TESNALNOMICS.

After watching the interview, Sullins put up a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to buy Musk a brand new couch to help with his beauty sleep. The campaign raised $7,600 and Sullins went to Tesla factory in Fremont, California, himself to deliver the couch. A separate Sweden-based Tesla fan club also raised $1,500.

Wayfair, the couch manufacturer, decided to donate the couch to Musk and not charge a single penny. So, the money raised will be donated to charity.

Musk thanked his fans for the couch and said his foundation will match the charitable donation.

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