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Earn more using these free-to-download apps

Here are some apps for the millennials than can help you earn some extra money

IANS 22 September 2016, 9:13 PM


Is your pocket money falling short and are you not able to meet your daily expenses?

Well, here are some apps for the millennials than can help you get those extra bucks.

CoutLoot: The service allows people to buy and sell authentic fashion from your own closets. It takes care of the entire value chain, from free doorstep pickups, sanitizing and ensuring authenticity to deliveries and returns so that the buyer and seller only have to focus on what to sell and what to buy to replace their style staples.

Blogmint: The app is a platform where influencers - both on Twitter and blogs - could list themselves and get paid for their tweets and blogs promoting a brand.

Beck Friends: This start-up allows travellers the opportunity to earn some extra money during trips. This app provides people the opportunity to make money by testing games and finding faults in them.

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