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Doctor by profession, gamer by passion: Meet Dr Rushindra Sinha and see his amazing gaming crib

Dr Sinha is the CEO of Women's Hospital chain in Mumbai and the owner of India's No. 1 Overwatch team — Global eSports

Santanu Basu 4 January 2018, 7:15 PM
T2 Interview

Dr Sinha in his gaming room Image: Dr Rushindra Sinha

Dr Rushindra in his medical scrubs Image: Dr Rushindra Sinha

A view of Dr Sinha's gaming room Image: Dr Rushindra Sinha

Dr Sinha is a doctor by profession but shares an unadulterated passion for gaming Image: Dr Rushindra Sinha

Dr Sinha is an avid Overwatch fan Image: Dr Rushindra Sinha

Dr Sinha has a Masters in Innovative Healthcare Leadership from Stanford University Image: Dr Rushindra Sinha

Another view of Dr Sinha's gaming den Image: Dr Rushindra Sinha

To the outside world, Dr Rushindra Sinha is a respected doctor and a successful administrator. However, when the 27-year-old is not busy performing his duties as the CEO of Mumbai Women's Hospital, he has a very contrasting and fascinating second avatar — one of an avid gamer. Very Bruce Wayne-Batman'esque right? Well, to stretch the analogy even further, Rushindra also has his very own 'Batcave' — one he calls his gaming den.

Rushindra's tryst with gaming started when he was very young and the roots went much deeper than just an enthusiast. He started tinkering with source codes and by the time he was 16, he had built his very own game, which was later acquired by an Australian entity just a few days before his 18th birthday. He then went on to finish his MBBS, moved to San Francisco to pursue programming and development full time, married to his med school sweetheart, went to Stanford and is now settled in Mumbai. But even his hectic life and schedule never interfered with his love and passion- gaming. Rushindra is still an avid Overwatch gamer and owner of team Global eSports.

T2 Online caught up with India's very own Dr Gamer for a sneak peek into his fascinating story, and of course, his 'uber cool' gaming den.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Dr Rushindra Sinha, as the name suggests i'm a doctor by profession and gamer by passion. I've always been fascinated by technology in general and all that started through gaming.

Do you play regularly?

Yes, in fact, I played in a tournament just a couple of days ago.

Tell us a bit about your profession?

I finished med school but didn't opt for post graduation. I did my masters in  Innovative Healthcare Leadership from Stanford University. I am CEO and owner of a chain of hospitals in Mumbai- Women's Hospital (

When did you start gaming?

I started gaming at the age of 3. My first game was Chips Challenge on a black and white PC.

How many hours do you play in a day?

I play about two hours on weekdays and 4-5 hours on weekends. Now that I own my own team I play less and am getting more involved the with admin part of eSports.

How did you get hooked on to Overwatch and also tell us about your team?

I was actively looking to get more involved with eSports. I got invited to join an Overwatch team. we played a few tournaments together and were in sync. I started recruiting more players and optimizing the team. Finally, I took over and got all the players to sign contracts and became the owner of the team. Now I sponsor the team and slowly we began climbing the ranks and we're currently ranked number 1 in India. We are playing against international teams now and in 2018, we're looking at going to tournaments across Asia to establish ourselves on a global scale.

What's your role in the team currently?

It becomes hard to be the owner and play in the team myself, so I've taken a step back and we have a team captain now that runs the show and I've gotten a replacement for me. So I'm a substitute player now even though I'm the highest rated player on the team. An executive decision had to be taken and I had to look at the bigger picture.

What are your future plans with eSports?

eSports is in a nascent stage in India. Globally, eSports have already surpassed Hollywood and India will eventually get there. The goal is to take this team to the global stage. Coming to Global eSports, which is my most recent endeavour. I felt the gaming community in India was very fragmented, so I decided to form a community to unite all gamers under one roof. Thus, Global eSports was formed.

We have are a community of gamers, we host online and offline gaming events, we do eSports leagues and tournaments and soon we will have our online e-commerce merchandise store for all gaming related purchases. Our Global eSports Overwatch team has been consecutively winning all national tournaments so a huge shout out to them for being the no. 1 Overwatch team in India. The face of eSports is changing and Global eSports will be at the forefront.

Which character do you play with in Overwatch?

I'm a tracer main ...blink in do my job and blink out. Fast, effective and precise, just like in real life.

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