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Cool and wacky peripherals to spice up your laptops and desktops

Want to accessorise your favourite machine to stand out? Here's some help

Santanu Basu 12 February 2018, 10:03 PM
Your keyboard and mouse can get pretty weird.

Your keyboard and mouse can get pretty weird. Image: Tapasri Saha

Do you love to stand out from the crowd and want your PC or laptop to do the same? Perhaps the easiest way to get it done and give your machine a 'Jarvisesque' aura is to accessorise it with cool yet wacky peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc.) which can transform the way your beloved setup looks.

T2 Online helps you pick from some of the weirdest and wackiest keyboards and mouses out there to mould your desktop/laptop into a unique machine.

Kinesis KB600 Advantage 2 USB Contoured Keyboard


In case you prefer ergonomically designed peripherals, you should definitely give this oddly designed mechanical keyboard a try. The split keyboard has been designed so that you can reach the keys easier than normal keyboards. The unique design also adds to the character of the device.

SafeType Ergonomic Keyboard

SafeType Keyboard

Another ergonomic keyboard on the list, the SafeType has most of the useful keys where you can't see them, literally. Most of the useful keys are positioned vertically on outward sides and uses mirrors to help users type. It claims the positioning helps users avoid a lot of the issues which comes with extended use of normal keyboards. It does seem the learning curve will be pretty steep but it's definitely as unique as they come.

Bastron Transparent Keyboards


It is a transparent glass keyboard with blue LED. It may be a tad sluggish to use compared to regular keyboards but the 'cool' factor trumps them all, most of them.

Virtual projection laser keyboards

Projection Keyboard

Jarvis anyone? The keyboards can be projected on any surface via a small projector and you can actually type on the projection. There are several models and makes available.

Microsoft WEDGE Touch mouse

Microsoft Wedge

The wireless mouse from Microsoft is perfect if you want the minimal look and also portability. The wedge-shaped silver and black mouse works great and makes a serious style statement.

Microsoft Arc Touch

Microsoft ARC Touch

Yet another wireless touch mouse from Microsoft. Curve the flexible body to turn it on and flatten it fully to keep it off. Perfect to impress your friends right?

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T631

Logitech Ultrathin T631

Stylish and suave, the T631 is just 44mm thick and around 10 cm in size. This is a pocket-sized stunner, literally.

Car and aircraft Mouse

Car Mouse

Scour sites like AliExpress to find mouse shaped like your favourite cars. From Lamborghinis to Aston Martins, you will find almost any model you are looking for. You can also choose between Bluetooth or wired versions. And the best part, they are pretty affordable.

If planes are more of your thing and not cars, you can also find mouses designed like Sci-Fi aircrafts.

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