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Blizzard adds a new hero to Overwatch this month

The new hero, Wrecking Ball, will be available from July 24

Santanu Basu @shaanthegame 18 July 2018, 1:44 PM
Wrecking Ball will be the 28th hero of the game, Overwatch

Wrecking Ball will be the 28th hero of the game, Overwatch Image: Blizzard

Blizzard is adding a new hero to its popular team-based shooter game, Overwatch. You can play with Wrecking Ball from July 24 onwards on all three versions of the game, available on Play Station 4, Xbox One and PC. 

Wrecking Ball is a hamster (the real name of the character is Hammond) that can pilot a robot ball of death. He can also absorb a lot of damage as he is a tank character. He can fire machine guns and transform into a sphere with increased speed. Hammond can be granted multiple temporary shields based on the number of enemies nearby. It can grapple, swing around, clear gaps and move upwards. 

But Wrecking Ball won't able to block teammates from taking damage. Though the character has been playable on the game's test servers since June 28, the character will finally be available for all players from July 24. 

Wrecking Ball is the 28th hero-character in Overwatch. Since its release in May 2016, the team-based shooter game, Overwatch, has had more than 40 million players worldwide.

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