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Best gaming mouse you can choose to sharpen your skills

Be it FPS, RTS or MMORPG, a good mouse you are comfortable with may become the thin line of difference when two equally skilled and experienced gamers face off against each other

Santanu Basu 13 February 2018, 10:47 PM
Best gaming mouse in the market today

Best gaming mouse in the market today Image: Tapasri Saha

The Lionel Messis and Virat Kohlis of the world may be the most skilful players in the world in their respective domains, but you won't find them taking the field equipped with anything but the best gear available to them, and gaming is no different. Skill may be the primary requirement for a great gamer, but it's not the exhaustive requisite either.

Any professional gamer will tell you, having good gear to complement your skill is necessary to bring out the best out of you and for PC gamers, no other gear is, perhaps, as important as a gaming mouse.

Be it FPS, RTS or MMORPG, a good mouse you are comfortable with may become the thin line of difference when two equally skilled and experienced gamers face off against each other. However, choosing your 'one' mouse may just be easier said than done. THere are hundreds of great gaming peripheral companies, each with multiple great options to offer.

So, which mouse should you choose? T2 Online lists down some of the strongest contenders.

Cooler Master MasterMouse L

CM Mouse

Cooler Master sticks to the classic mouse design which many will find ergonomic and comfortable. The optical sensor is capable of 12000 DPI and has durable Omron switches. There are two side buttons on either side, making it feasible for both left-handed and right-handed use. There's a LED DPI indicator which helps switching through DPI presets on the fly without wondering which setting you are on. The 32-bit ARM sensor makes tracking a breeze and the unit is built like a tank.

TT esports Nemesis Switch Optical RGB

TT eSports Mouse

The gaming mouse comes with Thermaltake's exclusive patented key switching system for an enhanced FPS/RTS/MOBA/MMO gaming experience. Gamers have the ability to customize up to 12 switch keys to suit different playing styles, and the additional keys are particularly useful for fast-paced RTS games. The ergonomic design, high-quality OMRON switches, support of up to 12000DPI helps the Nemesis tick all the right boxes. The design truly stands out with the wing like extension which acts as sort of a thumb rest. Seems like Tt esports has another killer gaming mouse on the self after the hugely popular Level 10.

Razer Deathadder Elite

Razer Deathadder Elite

The Razer Deathadder is regarded as royalty in the world of affordable gaming mouses, and the Elite upgrade looks to add to the proven winner without losing the look and feel. The Deathadder Elite is equipped with a 16000 DPI sensor and is a versatile performer with great software and comfortable grip.

SteelSeries Sensei 310

Steel Series Sensei 310

The ambidextrious mouse is one of SteelSeries' finest to hit the market in recent years. The 12,000 DPI TrueMove optical sensor works pristinely well and if you like your mouses light, this is definitely the one you would be looking at. It has a simple and no-frills design, except for the RGB lighting for the added oomph a gaming mouse demands. The textured sides make grip easy, particularly for people who like the claw grip.


Gladius 2

A bit on the heavier side, the Gladius II is a solid performer if you get acquainted to the weight. The mouse supports up to 12000 DPI and is a solid choice, albeit held back by a clunky software implementation. However, the detachable cord and heavy-duty switches ensure longevity like no other.

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