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Battle Royale, the Hunger Games of the gaming world, are the adrenaline you need right now

If you're pledged to gaming, you have to be in on this latest rage for survival games

Santanu Basu 27 April 2018, 8:25 PM
Battle Royale is fast becoming the most-played genre online

Battle Royale is fast becoming the most-played genre online Image: Twitter

Even footballer Neymar and musician Drake are playing them. Battle Royale, the Hunger Games of the gaming world, became all the rage in 2017 and are currently a full-blown craze.

It's easy to see why. The genre mixes survival and exploration with elements of last-man-standing gameplay. Think Hunger Games and The Condemned. You hide to survive and kill to win.

The two games in this category that released last year - PUBG and Fortnite - are the most played ones right now. In fact, Neymar tweeted to PUBG-makers and asked for his own servers and Drake joined famous twitch-streamer Ninja in a game of Fortnite. In December 2017, PUBG had three million concurrent players and Fortnite servers crashed when 3.4 million players joined in at the same time. Fortnite has more players because it's free. The good thing is, most popular team games such as Dota 2 or Counterstrike need a team of five players but you can enter the battlefield for Battle Royale alone. 

The games are simple but loaded with features. At the start, you are parachute-dropped from a flying bus (Fortnite) or a cargo plane (PUBG) on to the map. Even if you get dropped at the same location a second time, the weapons you get vary. You may have the best or end up empty-handed. You have to start the game by looting things. But then you can also build things and drive cars. However, if you think you can hide and win, you have another thing coming. A storm brings all the players into a stipulated region that gets smaller and smaller, making the players face-off with each other until there is only one left.

Whether you last or not, Battle Royale is going to last a while.

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