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Mumbai boy creates app to rescue stray animals and Sonam Kapoor is already a fan

Let It Wag was launched in October and has reportedly saved the lives of 53 dogs, three cats and two owls

Ujjainee Roy @UjjaineeRoy 13 December 2017, 8:21 PM
Let It Wag: Help at hand for distressed strays

Let It Wag: Help at hand for distressed strays Image: Twitter

Yash Sheth, a 26-year-old from Mumbai, has created an app which might just be a breakthrough in the field of animal care services. The Android app called Let It Wag was launched this October and simply connects animal rights enthusiasts, NGO workers and animal lovers across the country to help out stray injured animals. The initiative has already earned plaudits on social media, including one from actor Sonam Kapoor.

According to a report in The Hindu, the app has already garnered around 1,400 users and has saved the lives of  53 dogs, three cats and two owls. The app simply creates a platform where anybody can post and seek help from relevant people if they come across certain animals in distress. Let It Wag lists a network of vets, NGO workers and animal lovers who can be contacted for rescues. The app also has details about veterinary hospitals and ambulance services for animals in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore, so anybody can respond to the situation and help the animal in distress.

"I saw an injured stray dog near my residence. I called up one of my friends and we rushed to its aid. Its leg was crushed after being run over by a vehicle. We tried calling for help, but no ambulances were available nearby. We also called up a local veterinary clinic, but got no response,” Sheth said.

Yash Sheth
Yash Sheth, the mind behind Let It Wag (Image: Facebook/ Yash Sheth)

Yash then took a picture of the injured dog and put it up on Facebook and started getting responses as his post went viral. The incident gave him the idea for the app and set the ball rolling. Yash, along with a friend, crowdfunded some money and launched Let It Wag.

You can basically create a case and a caselist, where you upload the picture of the animal in question and post the necessary details and wait for somebody to take up your case. There is even an Animal Lover's chat box, where you can share information about the injured stray.

Let It Wag
Let It Wag (Image:

The app also helps in pet adoption, in case someone wants to adopt a stray. Let It Wag also helps in raising funds for food, medical cost, hospital bills of the animals and locating a blood donor for them. One can also use the app to report animal abuse or missing animals.

Sonam Kapoor recently took to Twitter to praise the initiative.

Let It Wag is compatible with the iOS platform but is still in need of funds to improve its services. If you wish to donate to the app, you can go here.

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