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How Estonian girl Anait Mirzojan discovered her passion for gaming in India

Anait, a student of INIFD Bangalore, is part of India's top Overwatch team- Global eSports

Santanu Basu 17 January 2018, 9:56 PM
T2 Interview
Mirzojan came to India as a student of INIFD Bangalore

Mirzojan came to India as a student of INIFD Bangalore Image: Facebook/ Anait Mirzojan

Anait Mirzojan, who hails from an Armenian family based in Estonia, travelled almost 7000 km to India to follow her passion- Fashion. But a few months into her time in the land of mystics and IT, she found herself a brand new fervour- pro gaming.

Anait is a part of India's top Overwatch team, Global eSports, and the only girl playing at the very highest level of the popular game competitively in India. She is also a student if International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD) in Bangalore.

T2 Online caught up with the Overwatch ace to chronicle her incredible journey.

How did you land up in India?

I have come to India to finish my studies. After studying Theology and Social Work back in Estonia, I decided to make a bit of a change in my career and switch over to fashion. A few years back, I decided to pursue that passion in India, until one of my friends decided to gift me a copy of Overwatch. All of my ambitions involving fashion suddenly disappeared and Overwatch became my first love.

Estonia to India- How difficult was the transition?

The transition was not as smooth as I expected. I'm still having difficulties adjusting to the weather and I'm missing having snow surround me for half of the year. Also, I still don't completely understand the language, which creates a huge communication barrier between me and most people around me.

Did you play games in Estonia as well?

Yes, I started gaming at the age of 4 or 5. I started off with a Nintendo NES- the old school stuff. I used to play a lot of games and even hosted a few Counter Strike events. However, I mostly made my name as an MMORPG player on overseas servers. I also used to take part in a lot of Tekken tournaments, which I'm hoping to maybe continuing here again.

Did you take part in competitions in Estonia?

I did, but all were local ones just for fun. Never been a competitive person before this. I used to play Tekken, Street Fighter, just simple things, for fun

Your impression of the current Indian eSports scene so far?

The Indian eSports scene reminds me strongly of the beginning of the European Esports scene. It will still take some time until it fully matures. But as long as people actually work together instead of against each other, it will have a very bright future.  Some attitude change is definitely needed. It seems like most people just don't want to take it seriously enough. That's sad.

How many hours do you practice daily?

On a slow day, I play around 10 hours a day, but usually, it's about 16 hours a day.

Have you completed your studies?

I have not completed my studies yet. I have my final exams in half a year, which most people don't know actually. I will be getting my degree in Fashion finally after I have already changed the area of my work.

How did you end up joining your current team?

I knew about them when they put it together. In fact, they asked me months before I even joined but I could not make the commitment due to work and studies. However, after some time, I got the same opportunity again and I would have to be a fool to decline it twice in a row. At one point, I thought I was done with gaming and decided tournaments are not for me. But then I noticed that hey, this is a team that actually sticks together and has the same values as me.

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