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AFGC 2017: Kartikeyan Behl first Indian to win International FIFA tournament

The action packed e-sports tournament is a rage in Asia

Anirban Roy 13 September 2017, 12:08 AM
Team PlayX top dog Karthikeyan Behl after winning the AFGC FIFA tournament

Team PlayX top dog Karthikeyan Behl after winning the AFGC FIFA tournament Image: AFGC Official

FIFA pro Kartikeyan Behl has won the Asian Football Gaming Championship (AFGC), becoming the first Indian to win any international FIFA tournament.

Kartikeyan, who represented Team PlayX, beat Andi from Indonesia’s FIFA team Team Zeus in the final. Though Andi lost the final, he got the credit for beating the hot favourite FIFA player, Amtuah, from Malaysia. Arafan Jan I representing “Team RV” from Bangladesh finished third in the tournament.


The AFGC, which started its journey in 2013, hosts qualifier matches in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia China and Maldives. This year’s grand final took place in Thailand.

Next year, the online FIFA tournament will include Japan, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka, said AFGC India head, Santanu Basu.

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