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Angry girlfriend, sceptical family! Abhijit Sadhu's journey from Marketing student to YT streamer

Abhijit, a Marketing graduate from IBSAR, is following his dream to become a successful YouTube streamer/gamer

T2 Online Newsdesk 27 January 2018, 10:49 PM
T2 Interview
Popularly known as Ro_bo, his streamer nickname, the lad from Mumbai has charmed the Indian gaming audience with his sense of humour and bubbly personality

Popularly known as Ro_bo, his streamer nickname, the lad from Mumbai has charmed the Indian gaming audience with his sense of humour and bubbly personality Image: Abhijit Sadhu

Abhijit Sadhu is a Marketing graduate from Institute of Business Studies and Research (IBSAR) in Mumbai. However, like most of his peers from college, the 26-year-old passed on the 2x2 cubicles of a private office and decided to take up a very different career path- a gaming streamer on Youtube.

Popularly known as Ro_bo, his streamer nickname, the lad from Mumbai has charmed the Indian gaming audience with his sense of humour and bubbly personality and has around 4,500 loyal subscribers on YouTube.

Abhijit is already regarded as one of the top streamers in India, even though he hasn't even been doing this for long. So what made the BBA graduate decide to drop everything and pursue streaming as his full-time job, against all odds? Anait Mirzojan quizzed the lad from Mumbai to find out.

When did you start streaming and how did it begin?

I started streaming 7th November 2016. And the main reason is that I like to entertain people. I guess that's why started streaming. I have seen other streamers on Youtube from India and it made me feel like even I can do this and it's not that hard. I thought lets give it a try, and in the end, people liked me so I ended up continuing with it.

Which games do you prefer streaming and was it hard to adjust your preference to what the viewers demand?

When I  thought of streaming I thought of starting with Dota 2 as no one was streaming that from India on YouTube at that point in time. I also wanted to try Indie games, which I still do. Additionally, I also stream free games on Steam which are actually good, but people in India have never heard about. However, there's a lot of demand for CS: GO so I had to stick with it and grow my channel through that.

Is your family supportive of the career path you have picked?

They are supportive for now because I have asked for a bit time to do this. It's been actually six months that I have been pursuing this full time. So I need to explain to them this is what I want to do in the future and make a career out of this. They get worried about how would you earn through, as there is no scene of streaming or a well-paid job for a streamer in India yet.

Does being a full-time streamer affect your personal life and how?

It's really tough to be honest. Being a full-time streamer in India basically pays nothing. It's a high risk, low reward job at the end of the day. I try to maintain my personal life or social life on weekends and try to spend time with friends and family.

How many times would you get in trouble for blowing off your girlfriend for game-related reasons?

You don't even want to know. This is so tough to answer. Sometimes, I get in trouble, but I get out of it pretty fast since she is also obsessed with her career. And we are pretty much obsessed with each other as well, lol.

What did you study and why did you decide to throw it all away?

I have a degree in Marketing and I'm using my Marketing skills to market myself.

Do you play for any team or have played with one before?

I never played with a "Team" as such, but I made a team with friends back during the CS 1.6 days. Our team name was Team Depression [TD]. We came up with a stupid idea because everyone just had a breakup and we were playing CS for fun.

Any plans you are trying to achieve this year?

Any Plans for this year? Let me think.....I want to be most entertaining streamer in India. I would also like to give a special shout-out to the Nvidia Family for all the help they have provided and the effort they put into me to make sure I stay strong and grow.

Any suggestions and tips for aspiring streamers?

I don't know if I'm the right guy to ask this. But my suggestion to people who are thinking of becoming a streamer is to keep the energy level of the stream same throughout. Know your viewers, know your audience, what they enjoy about your stream and keep asking them for suggestions. And of course, keep experimenting with different games to know what your audience likes.

You can follow Abhijit's channel here.

(As told to Anait Mirzojan)

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