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5 apps every 20-something needs

Give your who, what and why queries some perspective with these apps

Arpita Kala 3 May 2016, 6:23 PM
Representational Image: There are a plethora of apps available on Google Play which can actually make your life easier than you can ever imagine

Representational Image: There are a plethora of apps available on Google Play which can actually make your life easier than you can ever imagine Image: Thinkstock

Life is incomplete, meaningless, a never-ending journey that you trudge along if you do not have your smartphone by your side. We have reached the days where 'taking a break' doesn't have any romantic connotations but only means that we are spending some time away from our phones. So, leave them hipsters with their bulky pre-y2k bar phones (and Adele with her flip phone) while you upgrade these apps to make your cellular device your perfect companion in this quest. Apart from the can't-do-without Uber/Ola/Jugnoo and the Period tracker apps, here's our list of apps that every millennial going through existential crisis needs. Don't worry, we have tried them all out so that you don't have to. Just take your pick.


The Cheeky Conch Shell (Oracle)
Inspired by Spongebob Squarepants, this free app helps you decide the biggest yes/no questions and more. Just close your mind, speak aloud the pertinent question and then touch the oracle conch for the answer. We foresee this app putting shrinks out of business real soon. Case in point, we asked- should I ask my boss for a month-long leave now? And the might conch replied- Yes! On Drugs. BRB.

Sleep Calculator
We understand that the shrill alarm clock and the not-so exciting wage-slavery ahead in the day has you missing your mother's angry shouting to wake you up in the morning. The key is to understand your sleep cycles and customise a snooze schedule just for you. This app does just that, but then, you have to adhere to it for it to actually work.

This app, just cuz no one wants a love story that starts with 'We swiped right on Tinder...'. It shows the people who've crossed paths with you in real life, be it the gym or your early morning walk in the deserted park. Talk about meeting people you're supposed to meet, karmic love connection and all that, if you're a sucker for fairytale love affair, this free app could be your key.


Some days while mulling over where exactly does your money go, do you crave for some music to make the process go by easier? Then, this mood based app is just right for you. Choose from a list of billboard, hip-hop, pop etc hits or even your favourite artist, then set your mood and mull on as the app will only play the songs from the hits or artist which fit the mood. The only issue is that the app shuts down the minute screen times off.

Candy Camera

Give your existentialism some pretty filters through this app. Be it while you fake being lost in deep thoughts while sitting near a river side or just flash a closeup of your legs, this app has oodles of filters, stickers and beauty functions (you know the nip-tuck, zit be gone kinds).

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