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4 Snapchat secret tips you must know

Snapchat may soon beat other social networking apps that are spearheading the market now

Anirban Roy 3 July 2016, 10:13 PM
Did you know about these snap-hacks?

Did you know about these snap-hacks? Snapchat

Snapchat is fast gaining in popularity now-a-days with every tech biggie treating the smartphone-based social networking app as a major platform. Take for instance Google. Beside Facebook and Twitter, the American tech giant picked Snapchat to showcase its Android Nougat.

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It won’t be surprising if Snapchat beats several other social networking apps that are spearheading the market now. Besides the known features, Snapchat comes with a bunch of features that are not known to many. Here are a few of them.

  • To view the number of users of your feed or the persons who has taken a screenshot, just tap the story and swipe up. You can delete multiple posts this way.
  • You can zoom on any part of the image before clicking by tapping on the camera ring and sliding up.
  • Turn on location tracking to add any person around you. This works great if you want to add multiple friends during a party.
  • You can change the font and emoji’s size by pinching in and out after selecting the particular one. You can also rotate any emoji or text by tapping two fingers and rotate them accordingly.

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