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Yoga gear we need for Yoga Day, and forget about till next year

It's International Yoga Day on June 21, people. Are you yoga ready?

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 20 June 2018, 5:26 PM
Happy yoga-ing, people

Happy yoga-ing, people Image: Thinkstock

Yoga is one of the best ways to keep oneself fit. Obviously, the ancient art of twisting and turning your body in weird poses while keeping a close watch on your breathing is definitely a fun way to stay fit.

What? We're serious. Honest.

We are so serious about yoga that we can go from whatever to shavasana at the drop of a hat. It relieves stress and also lures us into a deep slumber. And then, there's facepalm-asana, too. 

Om... facepalm-asana

Om... facepalm-asana GIF: Giphy

But since social media peer pressure is something we can't avoid and we have to celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21, we're getting yoga-ready. All we need is all this gear.

Yoga mats: These are not your usual chatais or rugs, these are serious business. How will we look fit and fine, if we don't do 'em suryanamaskars on a colourful looking mat? Plus, they are very Instagrammable – uh, we mean, while we are on the mat and not just the mat. Duh!

Yoga pants: Again, these comfortable pieces of lowers are a must. There's a lot of stretching involved and we don't want to ever hear that pant-ripping sound, ever again. #LetsNotTalkAboutWhatHadHappened 

Yoga pants, FTW

Yoga pants, FTW GIF: Giphy

Yoga bras: There are bras, there are sports bras and then there are yoga sports bras. Umm, for added flexibility and more space for our boobies to fit in. Who wants jiggling boobs getting in the way of fun exercise?

Yoga tee: We may or may not opt for a yoga tee, but that totally depends on where we plan on getting in those positions. Yoga positions, you perv. In our drawing rooms, we def don't need it. But other places, just for the sake of not making people too uncomfortable, we shall consider slipping on a tee.

Yoga tea: Oh, these are special concoctions we absolutely must sip. After all, expensive shit always works, na? 

Tea so fine, that it burns a hole in one's pocket

Tea so fine, that it burns a hole in one's pocket GIF: Giphy

Are we forgetting something? Oh yeah. We totes forgot body fat. We need like tons of 'em. We need something to burn, right? Now, we know it's not only done to lose weight and has other health benefits, too, but who are we kidding? Yoga = Weight Loss = Why we do it! 

P.S. It will help even more if you have a host of specific illnesses which are only cured via yoga. Om...

Plus, if you be a fan of Baba Ramdev, like us (JK), you'd know how frikkin' helpful it is to laugh our woes and worries off in a few minutes. We do that on a regular basis while looking at our bank balance.

It me!

It me! GIF: Giphy

Remember, this is only a one-day-in-a-year kind of a shindig. You can use all these gear for next yoga day (we hear there's a national one, too. So two days in a year) and let people on your social media feed know that you are as passionate about yoga as society demands you to be.

Happy yoga-ing, people!

*resumes shavasana position*

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