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Will you trust Mark Zuckerberg with your love life now?

Facebook will launch a dating service soon, but after the data leak ruckus, are we ready to trust Mark Zuckerberg and team with details of our personal life yet again?

Suchayan Mandal 22 May 2018, 3:26 PM
Mark Zuckerberg will find a date for you now

Mark Zuckerberg will find a date for you now Image: AFP

You may not remember it right away, but there will be apps on your phone that require your Facebook credentials to work. Just a word of caution, if you have Tinder on your phone, you need to be worried. Like many other dating apps, Tinder requires you to sign in or sign up using your Facebook credentials. Fearing data breach, if you plan to delete the Facebook app from your phone, get ready to bid a painful adieu to all the hotties on your Tinder as well, simply because Tinder will not have any credential to trust.

But hold on! You don;t have to be shattered just yet. The Harvard dropout from Palo Alto has already apologised for the data breach and assured us nothing of the sort will ever happen again. You can trust Zuckerberg one more time. But if you have already deleted Tinder and are unable to log in, fret not, for he has got you covered.

Zuckerberg announced at the F8 conference that Facebook would be rolling out a new feature that will help you find you dates. And he couldn’t be more creative while naming the app, well, ‘Dating’. The dating app boom happened a long time ago, and we wonder why nobody thought of it. Anyway, the Facebook founder has hit the mark.

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But how does this new feature work? Dating will let you create a profile, different from your Facebook one. You will be required to add your name, photo and a bio. Does that click? It should, if you are a pro at swiping left and right. You can connect to potential dates over messages. Hey, no photos though. Facebook will use an algorithm based on common interests, mutual friends and dating preferences to play the wingman for you. Besides, it will also match you based on events and groups you follow. So, the next rock concert you are attending, make sure to give an update on Facebook, for that night's ‘gonna be a good, good night’.

It’s logical to fear data leak. If we believe Zuckerberg, Dating will be separate from a user's Facebook profile, and the data won’t be used to send ads.

Long before Tinder happened to singles, Facebook unknowingly played matchmaker to many couples. And if they decide to play Cupid quite literally, there’s nothing wrong with it. Many of us will agree that with free friends comes a cost to privacy. Even if you don’t want to date over Facebook fearing data breach, let me tell you, Zuckerberg already knows about your kink if you didn’t log out of Facebook before surfing porn. Facebook has been playing the gateway for most dating apps after all.

But then, if you are happy with Tinder and want to continue with it without logging in through Facebook, no worries. There’s definitely a way out, which not many people know about. You can also opt to access Tinder through your phone number. But also be informed, this will create another Tinder profile. You will lose your matches from the last profile.

And you won't be able to upload photos from Facebook. So before deleting Facebook, download all your favourite photos on your personal drives to put those to better use in the future.

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