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What to do when your weekend getaway plan gets canned? We've got suggestions for Salman Khan and you

So Bhaijaan is out on bail. Now, what will he do over the weekend?

Nairita Mukherjee Noir_Memoir 7 April 2018, 10:02 PM
Think bhaijaan, think

Think bhaijaan, think Image: Fotocorp

Tiger Zinda Hai, mah friends. More like Tiger azaad hai. That's right. Salman Khan is out on bail. Albeit it's taken him longer than expected — his legion of fans had hoped he would be out within the blink of an eye — but even though that did not happen, all's well for now in Bhai universe.

Unfortunately, however, that means his weekend plans are ruined. Think about it. A man of his stature didn't just succumb to the judicial system and spent two nights in jail? This was obviously his weekend getaway. Perhaps a way to get away from his forever dependent brothers, his obvious feelings for Katrina Kaif, Iulia Vantur's perpetually expressionless face, and the likes of Rakhi Sawant who were one of the first ones to summon Jijjus (Jesus) to free Bhaijaan. But alas, he's gotta head home. 

However, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, right? Now that his getaway plan got away, Bhai has got to come up with ways to keep himself occupied this weekend. You feel him? You are a fellow sufferer? Your weekend getaway plan got botched, too? Well, here's a list for you and Bhaijaan, in case he is looking for ideas. 

Read a book
Endangered by Tim Flach is a good read. It's about animals and stuff and how apparently some are dying. No they are not sick. Just dying. What a mystery.



Go for a drive
A long, quiet drive. Preferably on a road without pavements. But don't forget to take your driver along, just in case. 

Have a beer
Or two, or more. No harm there. And hey, it's National Beer Day today. So it's perfect for a drink. Just make sure you don't end up at a co-actor's doorstep in the middle of the night. 



Listen to some music
This guy called Arijit Singh is very good, we hear. Although one of his recent songs was removed from a film for reasons unknown, but he's still darn good. 

Make a movie
I know what you're thinking, you can't make a movie over just two days. You need a script, director, actors, the whole nine yards. But let us remind you that none of that is really important when you've cast Bhaijaan in the lead. Think positive. 



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