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We're glad Justin Bieber gig isn't a Bollywood night like Coldplay's

No actors-turned-singers are sharing the same stage. Not yet at least

Jayeeta Mazumder 28 April 2017, 6:20 PM
Indian millennials, your moment has come. Will you buy Justin Bieber's overpriced tickets?

Indian millennials, your moment has come. Will you buy Justin Bieber's overpriced tickets?

The minute the Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour for India was announced, I thought, 'Gah, yet another Bollywood night.' It didn't help that the last hyped international music concert by Coldplay — albeit for a good cause — was all gimmick, no credible music till Jay Z, Chris Martin and AR Rahman took stage. Why on earth should Sonakshi Sinha open for Chris Martin and Co is something I haven't been able to digest till date. So, when Justin's Mumbai date got confirmed, I shrugged and dismissed it as yet another desi masala night. Thankfully, it may not be one.

The organisers have, so far, shown surprising maturity in getting indie musicians on board. DJ Zaeden and Sartek have been roped in to play their signature progressive house and EDM, respectively. I'm seeing hope in here. There is place for our indie stars, after all. Sure, you might argue what's so niche about Bieber? Why can't he hum along with Sonakshi or Alia Bhatt or Shraddha Kapoor? Honestly, don't even get us started because we could write an essay on why they shouldn't.

For starters, consider this: they are not 'singers'. Btw, Sonakshi was reportedly approached to perform at the Bieber gig, but she turned it down. Indie singer Kailash Kher had argued that it sends out the wrong message out. Hell yeah, it does. Other indie singers Arjun Kanungo and Sona Mohapatra had chimed in, in favour of his statement. We agree too.

How about getting our own indie stars like Nucleya, Karsh Kale, Sahej Bakshi, Benny Dayal, Suman Sridhar, Papon, or Monica Dogra? The list is endless. Our indie musicians could rightly balance Bieber's act with their own indie pop styles. Let international music lovers know we have a massive pool of indie talent. We're just glad this concert seems to be looking in the right direction and seeking them out.

You can't doubt Karsh Kale's genius mixing, for instance.

Or, Nucleya's regional influences in hardcore EDM.

Maybe it's time you opened your eyes to our indie stars to give them the kind of platform they deserve.

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