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Walmart had the coolest response for a shoplifter and it left Twitter in splits

Think twice before shoplifting. You may end up with 'a rash'

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 23 June 2018, 2:09 PM
Walmart is too cool to get mugged

Walmart is too cool to get mugged Image: Twitter

Shoplifting, even if it is just for the heck of it and not any dire necessity, gives some people a kick. But the adrenaline rush always comes with severe consequences, if caught. You may end up getting banned from shopping at the particular place, and let's not even talk about the humiliation. But Murk, a resident of Arkansas, US, will surely beg to differ. He claimed to have shoplifted at Walmart in the uncanniest way imaginable β€” on Twitter. But before he could bask in the glory of his bold proclamation, Walmart got back at Murk in the coolest way possible. Okay, maybe not for Murk.

The story started when Murk tweeted, "I like going to Walmart for fun." In an attempt to live up to their brand image, Walmart responded to Murk's tweet and wrote, "It's the small things, Murk! What's your favourite thing to do in our stores? " asked Walmart. Murk, trying to be all cool, tweeted back saying "Steal".

Now, most brands would go bonkers after such a response, but Walmart decided to hit back with a bit of wit rather than a bundle of rage. "Well played Murk. After further review of our store's video feed, we've decided to let you keep the rash cream. Next time tho... pay in full," tweeted Walmart. 

Walmart's response was totes awesome and it left Tweeple in splits. It was raining comments on Twitter.

So, think twice before shoplifting. You might get 'Murked'!

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