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Twitter account dedicated to #DesiProblems will make you go 'It Me' in no time

FYI, Aisa mere saath bhi hua hai

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 24 July 2018, 5:32 PM
Dead for sure. DEAD!

Dead for sure. DEAD! Image: Twitter/Tapasri Saha

Growing up desi, we've had a ball. Hehe, JK! No one says that here. But when you do sit and think about it, then yeah, we do things differently than our peers in the West. And it's either downright awesome or downright awful, there's no in between.

But it's our desi-ness that binds us together. Like, relating to all the desi problems we share. And mind you, they are found in each and every household.

This Twitter account called Desi Problems has got the 'it me' feels for us as it shares the problems only desis like us have. Each one is hitting right where it hurts and has an "aisa mere saath bhi hua hai" vibe.


Oh, this!

Someone please explain


"Tu Roadie nahi ban sakta"

This ain't a problem at all. We love food

But, Ma...but..but...*shuts up*

Indian parenting logic

Word *sticks out tongue*

Who taught them that trick?

How we all hate this!

That's why I don't even say what's mine *smh*

*mentally prepares for the apocalypse*

Tumhari umar mein toh hum...

Hehehe. Dadi/Nani's pyaar

Oh, tell us about it

My space is my space. None of your space

There are more problems, but no solutions. Why we desis be like this? Y? Y? Y?

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