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Tweeple's dumb lies will leave you in splits

What’s the dumbest lie you’ve told?

Sreyashi Mazumdar @Sreyashi27 19 June 2018, 4:08 PM
Think twice before lying

Think twice before lying Image: Thinkstock

Liar, liar, pants on fire. Well, we are not sure if the repercussions of lying will set your pants on fire literally or figuratively, but there are consequences, my friend. 

Some people, however, are really good at lying. Making up stories comes easily to them. But at times, even the suavest of liars find themselves in a fix thanks to their unbelievably dumb lies. Comedian Eliza Skinner asked her Twitter followers about their dumb lies and the responses were funny AF.

For starters, she shared one of her dumb lies. "I told a Lyft driver I was a writer and when he pressed further I said I wrote 'Sci fi Short stories'. He said 'whoa, not much of a market for that. Where do you publish them?' 'Magazines, mostly'. I felt like I was on fire the whole time," she tweeted.

Tweeple soon started sharing their own lies. And we're still trying to catch our breath...

The kind of lies that parents tell

How about some white lies? 

Stories you made up as a kid

When you thought wearing specs was cool 

When you lied about being a school monitor

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