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Tweeple discuss what #GettingOldMeans to them, and it's brutally honest

A lesson in the subtle art of not giving a f**k

Nivi Shrivastava @msjunebug_nivi 23 July 2018, 2:12 PM
Hey, age is just a number. OKAY?

Hey, age is just a number. OKAY? Image: THINKSTOCK

Just when we were recovering from the groggy Monday mood and the nightmarish traffic and gloomy rains, a trending topic on Twitter caught our attention. We really don't know why did the good people of Twitterland choose the first day of the week to discuss what #GettingOldMeans, but apparently, everyone has something to say about it.

Ageing is an inevitable process, but rubbing it on us with memes and GIFs is not really making things any better. By now, we all understand that old people go to bed early, their hangovers last for days and they complain about millennials. Sounds familiar? Reality check, peeps.

Anyhow, we are just happy we don't have to deal with age issues everyday because growing old is a privilege that not everybody enjoys. Keep saying this to yourself, if you feel old after reading these tweets. *Happy Monday*

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