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Tweeple are sharing what one should do 'By the age of 35'. Umm... okay!

From serious tips to meme-ing the hell out, Netizens got real creative, real soon

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 23 May 2018, 4:16 PM
A report suggests that by the age of 35, one should have twice their yearly salary saved

A report suggests that by the age of 35, one should have twice their yearly salary saved Image: 20th Century Fox

If we were to down shots every time our parents said, “Beta, yeh karlo, uske baad life set hojaegi”, we will be drunk on a batshit crazy level. Word?

But that was all a lie. We realised it much later, when the damage was already done. Now millennials just feel damn sorry for their sorry-as**s upon reading the 'X Things You Should Have Before You Turn 25/35/45' listicles. The pain is real, you guys.

So adding namak to those always-fresh burns, a report (that will make you wallow in your own sorrow) by Boston-based investment firm Fidelity Investments says that by the time you are 35, you should have savings amounting to twice your salary per annum. *shit just got real*

Excuse me? What? How? Where? Is it even possible? Are you for real? *taking time to process that information *


#CantDeal GIF: Giphy

So naturally, all hell broke loose as Netizens, who are basically on the same broke boat as us, started calling the study out.

But then, Tweeple buried the idea in a heap of memes and sadist jokes. And the real fun just began. *popcorn tub is ready* P.S. Desi Twitter chimed in, too, and the trolling hit the roof. 

Freaking out, already.

True, true, true!

We think they meant that only.

In no time.


That's something nice. We mean in the longer run.


Umm, but haven't we realised that already?

Oh, we sincerely hope. 


Thank you, society.

That will be nice or not actually.

It's high time or will be by then.

Umm... umm... Nope! 


This is important. VERY IMPORTANT.

By the time we're 35, we don't know how life will be, but we sincerely hope Tweeple just keep getting funnier. That'll be cool. 

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