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Tweeple are sharing their love stories, and we are getting 'em feels

We're hopeless romantics and enjoy tales of how two individuals fall in love. Okay? Also, Nicholas Sparks, you may want to read these

Rachna Srivastava SPIN_occhio 13 June 2018, 12:55 PM
Nothing warms our hearts like real love stories do

Nothing warms our hearts like real love stories do Image: Thinkstock

Apart from being the social animals we are... oh... correction... social media animals along with Netflix and chillin', there's another activity we enjoy the most. It is listening to people's love stories.

Yeah, yeah, we are a bunch of hopeless romantics who believe in the four-lettered word too damn much and feel all mushy upon watching or hearing someone's love saga.

So imagine our euphoria when Tweeple started sharing their love stories. Definite #MushAlert!


Awwwww GIF: Giphy

Twitter user Danny Mack hit up Netizens with an open-ended question: Someone tell me their love story. How’d you meet the person you’re with? And then what? Replies poured in and some of the stories are cute, funny, sentimental and we can't help feel all the love. 

So, take a seat, grab that tub of ice-cream or popcorn (suit yourself) and take on this love ride.




Twitter's Tinder for them.

Hahaha. Note to self: Always check out that ass. Okay, that's considered creepy here.

Love the 'love him more everyday' bit.

Doesn't sound awful, though.

We told you Twitter's a dating site, too.

Facebook has its cupid moments.

This is soo real.

A lot can happen at a festival.

Do you believe in love luck? You should.

Nothing warms our hearts like a high school love story.

Umm. THIS. IS  US!

There are a whole lot more. We are overwhelmed. How do we explain the feels we are getting, right now?

#Aww #WeHeart #WeShipTheseLovebirds #WeLoveLoveStories #OkayIAmShuttingUp #KThanxBye

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